15 Ways In Which You Can Burn 500 Calories Per Day

15 Ways In Which You Can Burn 500 Calories Per Day

One of the main factors in losing weight is to burn calories. It helps in shedding extra fat. But, whatever you do must be done with precision and a positive bent of mind. If you exaggerate and stretch beyond a certain limit then the whole act will fall flat. The amount of calories that needs to be burnt depends on the weight of the individual and the effort that is applied.  If you are really serious and want to burn maximum calories then the following 15 ways can be the best for you:

Running For 20 Minutes At 6mph

The main way of burning calories is to run. In this scenario even if you do not have any equipment you can get a steady result. If this is supported by weight training then it will provide you the best result.  Running eliminates the extra fat and helps to gain lean muscle mass.  This helps to gain a good shape and ultimately strengthen the muscles.

Jogging For 45 Minutes At 5 Mph

It is the same as running but here a gentle pace is needed and therefore the time span should be more. This will help to reduce and burn the calories. It is helpful especially for those who cannot undergo intense training so for them this method can work as the best.
jogging on beach

Swimming For An Hour

Swimming is such a great form of exercise that helps you in burning the calories and keeping you fit. To get the best of this exercise it is essential to pay good attention and just swim and swim. Focussed swimmer gets maximum benefits as compared to the casual ones.
Swimming Increases Flexibility, Posture And Balance

Hiking For An Hour

It is almost same as walking but here a good speed is needed. This is a rigorous one when area such as hills, mountains, etc is explored.  This even exposes the body to the natural ambiance and helps to get the maximum benefits. Remember to carry water with you to quench your thirst.
Calories Burnt During A Hike

Rock Climbing For An Hour

One of the toughest act which enables workout of the entire body. The whole body will get a proper workout and the legs will also get a taste of rigorous exercise. This helps to shed the excess calories with ease and flexibility.

Tennis for 1 hour

Tennis is such a game that keeps you involved and helps you to burn the calories. If you are playing a singles match then an hour will suffice while if you play doubles then extend the timing so as to get greater benefit. Sports are the best way to burn calories and remain fit.
Take Up A Sport

Martial Arts

Martial arts are all in all.  30 minutes of martial art will help you to learn the art of self defence and burn the calories. If you are not interested in martial arts then it can be switched to kick boxing.

karate woman

1 Hour Of Horse Riding

A general horse riding for an hour will provide ample benefits to you. It will kill those extra calories which you desperately want to. On the other hand, if you are training then it will be more impactful in nature.

horse riding


Aerobics are perfect when it comes to burning of calories. When high impact step aerobics is done for 50 minutes it enables burning of extra calories while in case of low impact step aerobics around 70 minutes workout needs to be done. When water aerobics is done for 2 hours it burns off 500 calories

Combine Aerobics And Anaerobic Exercises

Cycling For An Hour

Cycling helps to get an entire body workout and burn calories. Long distances cycling are ideal when you thinking of a full body exercise with shedding of calories. If keeps you surrounded by the atmosphere and keeps the mind alive.


Dance is fun and a good way to burn the calories. However, burning of calories depend on the nature of dance you do. As per research an hour of slasa helps in burning 290 calories while 60 minutes of modern dance helps to kill 310 calories.


Stair Case Climbing For An Hour

When you hop on the stair whether it be at home or at the gym then it helps you to shed calories. It also helps to gain solidity and keeps you in good shape.

Staircase Challenge

Jumping The Ropes

Jumping the ropes for around 30 minutes can do a world of good. Doing it at a stretch may poise difficulty hence, it is recommended to do it in parts whether it be morning or evening. This guarantees flexibility and stamina.


Circuit Training

Circuit training is the best form of exercise that helps to shed those extra calories. It provides you with strength and stamina. Moreover, it gives you an enhanced power to perform variety of exercises. It should be done in a gap of two days to get the best result.

Do Cardio And Freehand Exercises

Keep Moving

Always keep moving and try to walk as much as possible. This may not burn 500 calories but yet it will help you to attain your goal and keep you alive and kicking. This will narrow down the goal.

Brisk Walking