15 Surprising Health Benefits Of Zinc

Health Benefits Of Zinc

Zinc is micronutrient that is essential for proper functioning of our digestive system, immune system, energy metabolism and many other important body functions. Its deficiency causes many disorders like loss of appetite and energy, rough and pale skin, growth problems etc Following are some of the health benefits, after knowing which you’ll further look forward to maintain your body zinc balance by consuming zinc enriched foods.

These Are Health Benefits Of Zinc

Boosts Immunity

Zinc is very crucial in stimulating the function of the most important component of our immune system, the white blood cells, which aids in defending our body against a no. of infections and in cold and flu by regulating the quantity of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

boosts Immunity

Role In Skin Repair

Zinc is very important in skin repair and regeneration. It plays its role by playing a vital function by regulating collagen synthesis which is an important component of skin cell architecture.

Skin Afflictions

Cures Eczema

Atopic dermatitis, or more commonly known as eczema, is a chronic skin inflammatory disorder that is primarily caused by zinc deficiency in the body. Replenishment of zinc re-balances its content in the blood which in turn, cures the irritation associated with the disorder.


Treats Acne

Zinc plays a vital role in healing infections and regulating testosterone in the body which is often found associated with the formation of acne. In addition to that, it promotes its scar healing and also inhibits over production of skin sebum which prevents further acne formation.


Dealing Prostate Disorder

Enlargement of prostate gland due to zinc deficiency emphasizes its importance prostate functions. Optimizing the zinc levels in the system acts effectively in dealing with prostate disorders.

Prostate Cancer

Boosts Cognitive Functions

The high level presence of zinc in the cerebral hippocampus, the memory and thought centre of our brain, signifies zinc’s big role in promoting cognitive functions of the brain. It pairs up with vitamin B6 to regulate the apposite functioning of neuron to neuron communicating agent, the neurotransmitters.

Improves Cognitive Functions

Role In Reproduction

Zinc plays a crucial role in development of sex organs in both male and female. In females, it functions in different reproductive phases such as parturition. For males, it aids from sperm synthesis or spermatogenesis to helping it to conserve energy for propulsion after penetrative ejaculation and subsequent egg penetration. The zinc also helps to protect the DNA in the sperm from breakage and ensures proper transfer of information.

Hormonal And Sperm Count Impact

Role In Pregnancy And Infant Nursing

Apart from the reproductive process itself, zinc is also very essential for promoting rapid growth of cells and building its major constituents in the fetus over the course of a pregnancy. Zinc is one of the most required and important nutrient for both mother and fetus. Its role also extends in the developmental biology as it also functions in vital roles at the lactation stages.

Pregnancy Can Stretch Over a Year

Prevents Night-Blindness

Zinc rich foods such as crabs, red meats like those of beef, lamb, seafoods like oysters etc aids in improving vision. In particular, for certain enzymes that play important roles in night vision and are stimulated by vitamin-A, zinc functions as a crucial co-factor of these enzymes and thus help in preventing night blindness.

Prevents Night-Blindness

Protects From Bone-Loss And Osteoporosis

Zinc protects your bone from becoming fragile and weak with age and causing subsequent bone loss. Being an important component of hydroxyapatite, that aid in bone matrix formation, zinc helps in keeping the bone hard and strong and prevents premature bone loss and occurrence of osteoporosis.

bone loss

Role In Enzyme Regulation

One of the most important and essential function of zinc is its role in serving as a co-factor and also functioning in proper protein folding for a number of regulatory enzymes which play vital roles in cell growth and various metabolic pathways like protein, lipid and carbohydrate biosynthesis, energy metabolism, hormonal regulation etc.

Boosts Energy

Acting As Antioxidant

Besides serving as a crucial co-factor, zinc also acts as an antioxidant to protect our body from various serious tissue damages caused by the harmful metabolic by products like free radicals.

Skin Facials

Curing Chronic Fatigue

Zinc plays a critical role in curing chronic fatigue through its integral role in muscle function. So high zinc content foods such as fish oil, are highly recommended to deal with this condition effectively.


Preventing Alopecia

Alopecia is a very common cause of loss of hair in various age groups starting from children to adults. Zinc with its beneficial role in promoting hair strength and integrity, plays important role in dealing with symptoms of alopecia.


Protecting Against Cancer

Free radical mediated morphogenesis of normal cells into cancerous cells is a very common phenomenon by compromising the integrity of cellular DNA. Zinc’s natural antioxidant function aids in prevention of such damaging effects and provides protection against various kinds of cancer, notably against common male occurrence of prostate gland inflammation and prostate cancer.

Reduces Chances Of Skin Cancer

In order to avail the above mentioned health benefits, it is important to consume zinc enriched foods like fish oils, oysters, red meats, peas, nuts, oats, whole wheat grain etc that will enable you to stay fit and healthy, no matter what your age is.