15 Superb Health Benefits Of Star Fruit

15 Superb Health Benefits Of Star Fruit

No childhood is complete without the sweet and sour taste of star fruit which is tropical fruit also known as carambola or kamrak.It is a tropical fruit which is available in the sweet taste from summer to autumn and in the sour taste in the middle of winter. It is a greenish yellow fruit which is high vitamin C content. If you wish to take advantage of its nutritional benefits then have the fruit within two or three days. The fruit should be stored away from sunlight. The various health benefits of star fruit are mentioned below.

Helps In Weight Loss

Star fruit has very few calories and is rich in antioxidants and flavanoids .It is also rich in fiber and hence very useful in weight loss diet.

Weight Loss

Good For The Heart

Star fruit has vitamin B9 which helps in keeping the heart healthy. It helps in preventing heart attacks and strokes. It has polyphenols which prevent the swelling around the heart.


Good For The Eyes

Star fruit has magnesium and is good for the eyes. It is particularly useful in curing sore eyes. Star fruit is rich in vitamin A which is god for the eyes and hence helps improve eyesight. It reduces the burning sensation of eyes.

Papaya Is Good For Eyes

Helps Reduce Cholesterol

The high amounts of vitamin C and the dietary fiber help in controlling the cholesterol levels in the body.

blood pressure

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

The high amount of vitamin C and potassium help in improving metabolism and also help maintain the electrolyte levels in the body and controls the blood pressure.

Regulating Blood Pressure

Good For Lactating Mothers

It is believed that star fruit helps improve the flow of milk in lactating mothers and hence should be given to nursing mothers.

Risky For Lactating Mothers

 Useful To Cure Hangover

Star fruit has properties which help cure hangover symptoms. Take a piece of pickled star fruit and steam it and have it in order to overcome the symptoms of hangover.


Helps Reduce Prickly Heat

Star fruit has heat reducing properties. It helps reduce prickly heat and prevents the occurrence of sun stroke.


Effective In Curing Colds And Flues

The high content of vitamin C and the anti microbial activity of star fruit is useful in fighting and curing cold and flues.

Relieve Colds & Coughs

Helps Improve Immunity

The large amounts of vitamin C helps improve the body’s immunity and helps it fight infections better. It also has anti microbial properties which help in combating bacterial infections.

Strengthens immunity

Prevents Premature Ageing Of Skin

Since star fruit is rich in vitamin C and anti oxidants it helps in preventing wrinkles and fine lines and prevents the premature ageing of skin.

Anti-Aging Properties

Helps Prevent Anemia

Star fruit is a rich source of iron which is required for hemoglobin formation and thus helps prevent anemia.

Treats Anemia

Good For Treatment Of Coughs

It is believed that star fruit and the juice of star fruit act as expectorants and help in the treatment of coughs.


Good For Digestive System

Star fruit is rich in insoluble fiber which is good for the digestive system. It helps improve digestion and also adds moisture and bulk to the feces.

Digestive System

Helps Treat Acne

Star fruit is a rich source of zinc. Zinc is known to be very effective in acne treatment. So instead of taking medication it is always better to use this natural source of zinc to overcome the problem of acne.


So let not this exotic fruit be merely a childhood memory. Include it in your daily diet on a regular basis to take advantage of its immense health benefits.

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