15 Important Early Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer

Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer claims thousands of lives and is responsible for maximum cancer deaths amid women each year. Triggered by an infection by HPV- Human Papilloma Virus- that’s not very uncommon, cervical cancer is quite difficult to detect and has mild, random symptoms at early stage often mistaken for other health issues. This is precisely why women particularly those approaching and beyond their menopause need to regularly monitor their gynecological health. Yearly PAP-smear tests being one, you should know and stay alert enough to detect the symptoms in time.

Given here are 15 early warning signs of cervical cancer that call for attention

Irregular Menstrual Bleeding

Menstrual bleeding between the period cycle and periods that are heavier and last longer than the usual number of days hints at early-stage cervical cancer.

Irregular Menstrual Bleeding

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Are you experiencing vaginal discharge noticeably higher than usual? Increase in white discharge and blood in discharge are early but potent signals of cervical cancer demanding an immediate visit to the doctor.

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Pelvic Pain

Pain in the pelvis is one of the most significant symptoms of cervical cancer. Often it is experienced along with cramps and a sense of pressure in the abdominal area. Again, this is common during menstrual cycle or ovulation but pain that continues longer is worrisome.

Inflammatory Diseases In The Pelvic Region (PID)

Sudden Weight Loss

The human body has proteins called cytokines that are attributed to breaking the fat down at a higher rate causing weight loss. As cancer progresses in the cervix the cytokines production shoots up, leading to sudden weight loss.

Trying For Fast Weight Loss

Belly Bloating

Bloating and feeling of fullness during the menstrual cycle is common but persistent bloating through the month could portent cervical cancer.

Upset Stomach

Frequent Urination

A frequent need to visit the bathroom and pee could indicate a number of diseases, including cervical cancer. When this symptom is accompanied by abdominal and back pain, and swelling in legs it definitely indicates a gynecological disorder and possibly cervical cancer.

Burning Sensation During Urination


When the body starts gearing up to fight the progress of cervical cancer it starts producing more white blood cells and reduces production of red blood cells. The result is a sense of low energy and constant fatigue.


Pain In Legs

Do your legs pain despite it not being either the ovulation or period days? Unless you’re an athlete training hard every day, have suffered injury or are arthritic, constant mild or severe pain is not a good sign. It could signal cervical cancer.

Pain In Legs

Discomfort In Urination

Difficulty, discomfort or pain when urinating indicates cervical cancer that should be tested for, and ruled out.

Discomfort In Urination

Appetite Loss

Loss of appetite is another early sign of cervical cancer. The appetite loss could be accompanied with either constipation or diarrhea.

Controls Your Appetite For More

Nausea And Indigestion

While this is not a very strong sign of cervical cancer, a constant, stubborn bout of indigestion and nausea that doesn’t disappear despite medication can mean cervical cancer. Check for other symptoms before you head to the gynecologist for checkup.

Nausea or Vomiting

Swelling In Legs

If there’s swelling in any or both legs for no reason along with other symptoms like pelvic pain and irregular bleeding, it could point to possibility of cervical cancer.

Relieves Swelling

Pain During Intercourse

Dyspareunia or pain during sexual intercourse is an early warning bell for possibility of the cancer taking root in cervix.

Unwanted Sex And Pregnancies

Post Menopause Bleeding

Usually women who undergo menopause do experience flushes of sudden bleeding or irregular period later as well. However post menopausal bleeding could be linked to cervical cancer and should be medically examined.

Easy Menopause


Backache is a very common problem but consistent pain in the lower back when experienced along with discomfort in the pelvis and stretching in lower abdomen could signify cervical cancer.

Headache, Backache and Muscle Ache