15 healthy and sweet recipes

Healthy And Sweet Recipes Somehow it is difficult to imagine that anything that tastes good, especially sweet, would be good for the health too. However, here are 15 recipes that promise to deliver on taste and health both.

Chocolate chunk cookies

Chocolate chunk cookies It is a delicious cookie with soft tofu and bitter chocolate to satisfy that sweet tooth. The added protein from the tofu can help reduce hunger pangs which means you won’t be reaching out for the snack box time and again. Have this cookie as your lunchtime dessert, but remember not to get too greedy!

Chocolate coated strawberries

Chocolate coated strawberries Somehow it is difficult to imagine dessert without thinking of chocolate. So make yourself some quick chocolate coated strawberries and freeze them. Have a piece or two to satisfy the craving and feel the strawberry juices fill up in your mouth along with the chocolate.

Tropical fruits with pistachio and coconut

Tropical fruits with pistachio and coconut Make a quick fruit salad using tropical fruits such as pineapple. Garnish it with chopped pistachios and creamy coconut milk instead of whipped cream. The dessert will be healthier as well as more exotic.

Plum smoothie pops

Plum smoothie pops Make sugar syrup using corn syrup, sugar and water. Add to it pureed plums, lime juice and yogurt. Freeze this in popsicle moulds and allow it to set for 4-5 hours. Then anytime you want to have something sweet, just unmold a popsicle and have it!

Asian Pear Sorbet

Asian Pear Sorbet Sorbets are light and refreshing and also good palate cleansers. This one, calls for a sugar syrup flavored with thyme and vanilla bean blended together with Asian pears and processed in an ice-cream mixer.

Raspberry and Strawberry Sundae

Raspberry and Strawberry Sundae No matter how delectable it sounds, this sundae is actually very good for your health. Pour a good helping of antioxidant rich strawberry and raspberry sauce over a bowl of frozen yogurt and get ready to enjoy your sundae treat!

Watermelon granitas

Watermelon granitas Another ice-y refreshing dessert would be granitas. Freeze watermelon juice in an ice tray. Sugar is obviously optional since watermelon is sweet enough. Once frozen, scrape with the help of a fork and serve this granitas in nice dessert glasses.

Orange and Banana Smoothie Pops

Orange and Banana Smoothie Pops Make a smoothie with Greek yogurt, banana and orange juice. Add lime juice and zest for the extra zing. Stick these in popsicle moulds till they are set completely.

Coconut Mocha Poached Pears

Coconut Mocha Poached Pears Poach pears on a slow cooker. Make a mix of cocoa powder, sugar, coffee, coffee liquer and coconut milk. Pour this mix on the pears and let it poach in this till tender. Serve the pears with the liquid dressing and sprinkle with chocolate and serve.

Berry Pudding Cake

Berry Pudding Cake It may sound almost too good to be true but this delicious dessert has only 2 g fat per serving! Make a pudding with eggs, sugar, flour and milk. Pour this batter over berries placed in greased quiche dishes. Bake this for about 20 minutes and enjoy.

Citrus Infused Strawberries

Citrus Infused Strawberries Marinate strawberries in a bowl with lime juice and Grand Marnier. Serve this delightful combination of citrus infused strawberries with sweetened whipped cream if you are feeling particularly daring.

Kiwi Ice Pops

Kiwi Ice Pops Another dessert that makes use of the popsicle mould, the kiwi ice pops are a colorful delight to the senses. Add sugar syrup to pureed kiwis and lime juice. The mixture should be watery kinds. Pour into moulds and freeze till set.

Stuffed Apples

Stuffed Apples An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Especially if it is apple filled with sweet and chewy raisins and slow cooked till its juicy and tender. If you have some allowance on your calorie plan, then this tastes amazing with vanilla ice-cream.

Cereal tarts with fresh fruit

Cereal tarts with fresh fruit Bake tarts made with cereals, almond flakes and maple syrup. Fill it with a delicious fililng made of plain or flavored yogurt and seasonal fresh fruits. Everything in this dessert is healthy enough for you to go for a second helping, especially if the tarts are small!

Gingersnap-Banana Frozen Yogurt

Gingersnap-Banana Frozen Yogurt For the calorie conscious, yogurt can be your best friend ever. Soften vanilla flavored frozen yogurt and add to it some chopped gingersnap cookies and a few banana slice. Top it with a generous helping of toasted pecans for that added crunch. With these quick and easy dessert ideas there is no reason to eat unhealthy ever again.

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