15 Health Benefits Of Black Seeds

Health Benefits Of Black Seeds

Black seeds are also called as black cumin which is grown popularly in the areas of Europe, Arabia and India. They have remarkable anti-bacterial which helps in killing harmful bacteria. That is the reason why they are used in toothpaste and medicines to get rid of intestinal worms. Though these seeds are tiny but have immense benefits. It is best known cure for all kinds of diseases except death. The oil extracted from these seeds is used in preparation of specialised medical formulations. In this article you will learn about the fifteen health benefits of black seeds.

These Are Health Benefits Of Black Seeds

Increases Good Cholesterol And Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Black seeds increase the ratio of good HDL cholesterol in the blood and lower the risky levels of bad LDL cholesterol in the blood and thereby keep your body safe from heart diseases.

Increases HDL Cholesterol

An Efficient Cure Of Diabetes

When these seeds are consumed as a whole or in the form of oil, it gives tremendous results in lowering the increased levels of sugar in the blood and stabilizes it. There is a special ingredient found in black seeds that makes liver cells more capable and sensitive towards insulin which ultimately prevents deadly Type – II diabetes.


Treats Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disease and is cured by consumption of these seeds. Black seeds have significant anticonvulsive qualities that bring down the risk of epilepsy attack in people.


Prevents Asthma

Oil of black seeds helps in giving relief from asthma attacks. These seeds have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that relax your bronchial muscles and equip you with the strength to fight chronic breathing troubles due to asthma and coughs. Massaging with this oil on the chest gives you the benefit.


Resistance To Cold And Flu

The beneficial anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties of these seeds are used as an effective remedy to cure diseases which are caused due to weather changes such as flu, soreness in throat, fever, nausea and colds.

Influenza Infection

Helps In Combating Stomach Disorders

Black seeds oil when mixed with ginger in equal quantities helps in relieving you from digestive problems like upset stomach, acidity, constipation and boosts digestive power in the person. One is advised to take this mixture two times a day for instant relief.

Upset Stomach

Relieves From Muscle Pain And Cramps

Black seed oil has powerful anti-spasmodic qualities that prevent pain due to muscle spasms and cramps. To avail this benefit all you need to do is to consume it by adding into your tea before going to bed or apply it externally on the affected area.

Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Controls The Impact Of Radiation

Radiation does so much damage to the body on physical, mental and emotional levels. Black seed have an active ingredient called thymoquinone that helps in protecting one’s brain from the damage due to harmful radiations.

Brain Health

Prevent Toothaches

If you suffer from pain and infection in your teeth and gums then black seeds are the remarkable cure to this problem. The oil of these seeds helps in fighting bacteria, healing inflammation and relieving from toothaches.


Remedy For Psoriasis

Black seed oil is useful in easing psoriasis inflammation by making your skin strong and calming skin eruptions.


Prevents Different Types Of Cancer

Thymoquinone contained in black seeds restricts the growth of the growth of cancer causing cells in the body. It assists in fighting cancer in colon, brain, breast and mouth. Black seed oil is beneficial in reducing the requirement of chemotherapy in the starting phase of cancer.

Reduces Chances Of Skin Cancer

Saves From Lead Poisoning

Black seeds are good for your brain and works as an efficient brain tonic. Based on the studies conducted to figure out the impact of these seeds on brain, it was found that these seeds protects and also helps in reversing the damage caused to the brain because of lead poisoning.

Saves From Lead Poisoning

Fight Away Infections

It keeps your body strong, healthy and unaffected from any attack of harmful elements in the body. It serves as an antibiotic agent that gives your body required strength to fight against numerous infections.

Candida Infection

Reduces High Blood Pressure

Black seeds are very effective ingredient which helps in reducing high blood pressure in a person. 100 grams of these seeds when taken twice a day for a period of two months help in maintaining adequate blood pressure in the body and prevents the chances of hypertension.

Reduces High Blood Pressure

Reduces Injury Due To Chemical Based Weapons

Extracts of black seed lowers respiratory problems like wheezing in the chest and heals injuries caused due to chemical based weapons.


So let’s not miss to include them in your diet for a healthy and fit body.