15 Great Health Benefits Of White Pepper Powder

Health Benefits Of White Pepper Powder

Want to add that right sharp punch for your soup then you need to add the right amount of white pepper powder. Black and white pepper come from the same pepper wine plant but with a slight change in the processing and a difference in their taste. For white pepper the ripe pepper fruit is soaked in water for few days. The dark colored skin falls off and the white fruit thus obtained is dried and powdered to form the white pepper powder. White pepper powder has a strong, spicy and sharp flavor and has several health benefits. Some of the health benefits are mentioned below.

These Are Health Benefits Of White Pepper Powder

Useful Against Cancer

White pepper powder has a compound called capsaicin which helps destroy cancerous cells. Hence white pepper powder is useful in the treatment and prevention of cancer.


Helps Fight Ear Infections

White pepper powder is useful in treating ear infections and ear aches especially in the elderly. Therefore it is ear problems that you wish to curb then increase the intake of white pepper powder in your diet.

Effective In Treating Earache
Good For The Digestive System

White pepper powder has a unique property of stimulating the taste buds which sends signals to the stomach to secrete more acids which helps digest food better. Also white pepper powder also helps improve appetite and helps overcome problems of gas and mild anorexia.

Digestive System

Helps Control Blood Pressure

The presence of flavanoids and vitamins help control the blood pressure of the person and hence should be included in daily diet by hypertension patients.

Regulating Blood Pressure
Useful For Diabetics

White pepper powder improves the metabolism of the body and helps control the blood glucose levels. Mix white pepper powder, fenugreek seed powder and turmeric powder with milk. This concoction should be had by diabetics daily.


Good For The Eyes

White pepper powder is known to improve weak eyesight. Also a combination of 5 teaspoons of almonds and one teaspoon of white pepper powder when consumed with clarified butter and brown sugar daily is found to be useful in reducing cataract.

improves eyesight

Good For The Hair

A combination of yogurt and white pepper powder when applied to the scalp is found to cure the problem of dandruff. White pepper powder is also known to make hair lustrous and beautiful.

Brush Your Hair

Helps Against Vitiligo

White pepper powder is known to restore pigmentation in skin due to the presence of the compound piperine in the spice. Therefore white pepper powder is useful in treating a condition called vitiligo where the skin loses its pigmentation and turns white.

Helps Against Vitiligo

Useful Against Cough And Colds

White pepper powder has heat generating properties which helps in clearing congested nasal passages and makes breathing easier. Therefore it is useful in treating colds. Also consuming a mixture of white pepper powder and honey gives relief from coughs.

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Helps Cure Headaches

The compound capsaicin is known to have analgesic properties and helps in giving relief from headaches.


Useful Against Arthritis

The compound capsaicin is an anti inflammatory compound which helps reduce inflammations of muscles and joints and therefore white pepper powder can be used in the treatment of arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Helps Lose Weight

Capsaicin in white pepper powder has fat burning properties and therefore white pepper powder helps in weight loss.

Weight Loss

Helps Prevent Premature Aging Of Skin

White pepper powder contains several antioxidants which help in preventing premature aging of skin and wrinkles and helps in keeping the skin young and beautiful.

increase Aging

Good For The Teeth

White pepper powder is found to have properties which help in reducing tooth ache and dental problems especially when used with clove.

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Good For The Nervous System

White pepper powder helps boost the brain power and is also found to help overcome depression and stress. White pepper powder thus not only adds taste to your food it also is a powerhouse of health benefits and should be a part of your daily diet.

Nervous System