15 Essential Benefits Of Eggplant Juice

Essential Benefits Of Eggplant Juice

While one thinks of having a glass of juice loaded with nutrients, a lot of vegetables would come to mind barring the eggplant as it is not that prevalent in the juice segment and neither that famous. However contrary to everything, eggplant is a great vegetable loaded with various nutrition that is good to the body!

Some of the surprising benefits of eggplant juice are discussed as follows

Promotes Heart Health

Eggplant is a wonder vegetable which is loaded with the goodness of nutrients such as antioxidants, beta- carotene and fiber which all together helps the body to cope up with heart issues such as stroke and other associated ailments. Various researches have found that humans with high level of beta-carotene in their blood are less prone to heart related ailments as well.

Safeguards From Heart Disease

Checks The Cholesterol Level In Blood

Eggplant is a great source of fiber and thus it helps in preventing the over absorption of cholesterol in the blood stream, specially the harmful LDL cholesterol.

Controlling blood cholesterol level

Prevents Clogging Of Arteries

Eggplant has also been seen to have a great effect in preventing the clogging of arteries in the human body also known as atherosclerosis. Consumption of eggplant helps slow the fat accumulation in the blood vessels and in turn helps in keeping the heart in great health too!

Prevents Clogging Of Arteries

Helps In Managing Weight

This is a great benefit of eggplant which is not really heard off in the current times. However, eggplant juice does a world of good to the body in terms of weight management as the juice of eggplant actually helps in shedding the extra kilos with ease while increasing the capacity of the body’s fat burning process. The high fiber content in the eggplant also helps in keeping the stomach full and prevents a person from over eating which might result into obesity too.

Helps In Weight Loss

Prevents Blood Clotting

Eggplants are also great a vegetable due to its amazing property of preventing the formation of blood clots in the body. This is due to the presence of Vitamin K and biflavonoids in them which helps strengthen the capillaries as well.

Prevents Blood Clotting

Prevents Cancer

One of the greatest benefits of consuming eggplant juice is that it help prevent cancer due to it being loaded with an element named trypsin, which can actually neutralize the cancer forming cells in the body as well.

Prevent Breast Cancer Cells

Prevents Hypertension Issues

Researches have found that the lack of potassium in the body leads to the issue of hypertension and thus consumption of eggplant juice tackles the issue easily due to being rich in the mineral potassium along with being low on the sodium content which is a boon in disguise.

Treatment For Hypertension During Pregnancy

Helps Prevent Diabetes

Another surprising benefit associated with the consumption of eggplant juice lies in the fact that it prevents type II diabetes due to its ability to inhibit the enzyme causing the ailment.


Promotes Brain Health

Eggplant juice is great for the consumption for both kids and elders alike as it is rich in various phytonutrients which are beneficial for the development of the brain cells in humans. These nutrients ensure great brain health and activity in the long run.

Sugar Weakens Your Brain

Helps In Reducing Nerve Issues

Another great health benefit of eggplant juice consumption lies in the fact that it is great for the health of the nerve cells in the human bodies. This is due to the fact that eggplant is loaded with components such as soroparone and scopoletin both of which are known to promote calmer nerves in the long run.

Helps In Reducing Nerve Issues

Promotes Digestive Health

Eggplant is a great vegetable to add to one’s diet due to the fact that it is rich in fibers which helps in keeping the digestion in proper shape. Along with this, consumption of eggplant juice aids in reducing constipation woes as well.

Digestive System

Regulates Iron Production In The Body

It is a common know-how that iron is a necessary element in the human body which greatly helps in the day to day activities. However, as too much of anything is not good, the same rule applies to iron as well. Thus in case a body is loaded with excess iron, eggplant juice helps cope with the issue due to the fact that it is loaded with an element named nasunin. Nasunin helps in removing the excess iron from the body and promotes better health as well.


Anti Bacterial In Nature

Eggplants are also great anti bacterial and anti viral agent due to the presence of high amount of vitamin C in them which helps in keeping viral and bacterial infections at bay too!

Infections And Soreness Of Skin

Skin Benefits

Consumption of eggplant juice is great for the skin as well due to the fact that it is loaded with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fibers all of which promotes a glowing and youthful skin. The presence of anthocyanins and antioxidants help in preventing ageing as well.

Delays Aging

Hair Benefits

Eggplants also benefit the overall health of the tresses where it promotes stronger hair and also promotes the growth of hairs due to it being rich in water content and nutrients which facilitate the same.

Healthy Hair