15 Common Diet Mistakes You Should Know About

Common Diet Mistakes You Should Know About

We can be healthy and disease free if eat the right food. Our health depends on the type of foods we take. If we take a healthy diet consisting of nutritious foods, it will help in preventing many types of diseases. On the other hand, taking an unhealthy diet with an increased intake of junk food and processed foods leads to many types of health problems like diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases. Many people control the diet for fighting obesity and staying healthy. Many times, we notice that our efforts go waste and there is no change in our weight and health. The reason behind this is that we make many diet mistakes unknowingly or due to ignorance. If we can avoid these mistakes, we can become successful in managing our diet. We will explain some diet mistakes that you need to avoid.

Following are the 15 common diet mistakes

Lack Of Water

Lack of water causes dehydration and it slows the metabolism. Failing to drink enough water can cause many health problems. Thus, you should avoid this mistake. Increase the intake of water. The daily intake of water should be minimum 8 glasses. It helps in losing weight.


Eating Less Food

Restricting food intake or eating less amount of food will not help you in your weight loss plans. It will increase your cravings making you eat more amount of food afterwards. Don’t reduce the quantity of food you take. Take normal 3 meals along with healthy snacks in between two meals.

Take Smaller Meals

Drinking Flavored Coffee

Visiting the coffee shops for having flavored coffee increases the weight problem. The flavored coffee you love to order contains lot of calories and sugar. Often, the coffee is made with whipped cream. Thus, avoid drinking flavored coffee drinks.

brew the coffee

Not Reading Food Labels

Most of us buy food from the market without reading its label. It is important to read the food labels carefully so that you know about the ingredients of food. Thus, always read the food labels and avoid buying foods with unhealthy ingredients.

Not Reading Food Labels

Drinking Juice For Breakfast

It is important to start the day with a good breakfast consisting of healthy foods. Some of us just take fruit juice in the first meal of the day without eating anything. Juice contains fructose and it can increase blood glucose levels. Thus, avoid this mistake and eat something healthy for breakfast.

Excessive Intake Of Healthy Fruit Juice

Taking High Calorie Foods

Taking high calorie foods is a big mistake that can spoil your diet plan. You may be taking foods with hidden calories. Taking salad dressings, chips and sandwiches is not healthy. Avoid taking butter. Stop taking excess amount of wine.

Avoid High Calorie Foods

Taking Big Portions

Eating large amounts of food leads to obesity due to an increased intake of calories and fat. Thus, control the portion size of foods you eat. Take less amount of food in each serving.

Taking Big Portions

Skipping The Meals

Many people miss their meals thinking that it will help in weight loss. This is a false belief. Missing the meals causes lack of essential nutrients leading to several diseases. The metabolism becomes slow and there is indigestion. Thus, take proper meals. Don’t miss your meals.

Skipping Meals

Excess Protein Intake

Protein is an important nutrient for us. However, excess intake of this nutrient can lead to weight gain. When our consumption of protein rich foods increases, the extra protein in our body is converted to fat. Thus, avoid taking excess protein. Take protein bars and drinks in limited amounts.

Excess Protein Intake

Taking Sugary Drinks

Even after restricting the intake of fatty foods, you may be still taking sugary drinks. This is a big mistake that can increase the weight. Soda, fruit juice, smoothies and alcohol are unhealthy drinks. Adding sugar and whole milk in tea and coffee also causes weight gain.

Taking Sugary Drinks

Eating Unhealthy Snacks

Starting a diet plan and still eating unhealthy snacks is a big diet mistake that is the major cause of obesity. Eating cookies, burgers, cake, French fries and other fatty and unhealthy snacks should be avoided. Take fruits and other healthy foods as snacks.

Stock Up the Snacks

Crash Dieting

Going on a crash diet will not help you in weight loss. It leads to muscle loss without any reduction of the amount of fat you have in the body. Thus, you should not do crash dieting.

crash diets

Food Rewards

Giving food rewards to oneself is a diet mistake that can lead to obesity. Don’t treat yourself with ice cream, chocolates, candies and other fatty foods whenever you achieve something. Avoid food rewards.

lemon ice cream

Buying Readymade Food

The trend of eating food from restaurants and food shops is increasing these days. The readymade food contains high amounts of fat, sugar and salt. Avoid buying food from outside. Eat only simple home cooked meals.

Readymade Food

Eating Non Veg Foods

Eating non-vegetarian foods like chicken and fish may not help in losing weight. It is a mistake to think that these foods are healthy and help in weight loss. Avoid eating chicken and fish if you want to lose weight.

Non Vegetarian Diet