15 Benefits Of Vetiver

Benefits Of Vetiver

Vetiver is an herb of Indian origin which is scientifically known as Chrysopogon zizanioides. It is simply a type of grass which is known as ‘khus’ in hindi. The vetiver grass is different from other normal varieties of grasses; the main difference being that it has number of essential oils and it grows deep in the ground rather than a typical mat like growth. This is the reason why it keeps the soil bound together and prevents any soil loss of erosion. The vetiver grass has abundant benefits; below mentioned are some of its major benefits that are commercially relevant.

Here Are Benefits Of Vetiver


Inflammation in the body affects a number of systems like the circulatory system (resulting in cardiovascular diseases), nervous system (causing stroke) etc. Vetiver contains a number of essential oils which help in reducing inflammation at various system levels and provides relief.

Reduce inflammation

Cleans Marks And Blemishes

The vetiver extract oil is very beneficial against removing scars from the skin. It is effective against reducing marks of blemishes, scars or any other kind of marks. It is also believed that vetiver is a natural bleaching agent and is being utilised in a number of cosmetic and beauty products.

remove dark spots and blemishes

Improves Libido

The vetiver aroma oil has positive effects on sexual desire. It is known to increase the sex drive and improve libido. The aromatic oil is known to activate portions in the brain which are responsible for improving the sexual drive.

Increased Libido


For people who are insomniac or do not get a sound adequate sleep; the vetiver oil acts a natural sedative. It is way better than using sedative drugs. Also this oil is known to calm down the brain and help in getting a sound and peaceful sleep.

Get Proper Rest And Sleep


Vetiver oil is beneficial against a number of infections which are very common in India. The infections are caused by insect bites, bacterial or fungal infections etc. The vetiver herb is an effective antiseptic and acts against many infections; thus is a very good antiseptic agent.

Healing Of Wounds

Helps In Wound Healing

Wound healing process involves preventing infection & pus accumulation, preventing any kind of infection, promoting coagulation and a fibrin mesh formation etc. All these factors contribute to proper healing of wounds. Vetiver oil helps in hastening all these processes and is a great antiseptic; thus is very effective for wounds. It also helps in new tissue development which is an add-on to the wound healing process.

Wound Healing

Herbal Skin Care

The vetiver grass and oil is used in number of beauty and cosmetic products. It imparts a smooth finish to the skin, protects it against acne bursts and pimples, and also helps in lightening the skin tone. Every day use creams which contain vetiver oil are very beneficial for the skin. Some also believe that it helps in slowing down the progression of aging process.

Keep Skincare Simple

Skin Scrubbers

The dried vetiver grass is used as a scrubbing agent for removing dead skin cells. It acts as an exfoliating agent and helps in rejuvenating the skin. The essential oils present in the grass give a glow and smooth touch to the skin.


Reduces Erosion Of Soil

As we discussed above, the roots of vetiver grow in the soil vertically and not as a mat. This helps in keeping the soil tight and bonded; preventing it from eroding. The vetiver grass is strategically grown in order to prevent soil erosion.

reduces soil erosion

Good Repellent Of Pests And Insects

Vetiver grass has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. This is broadly why it also acts as a repellent of pests. This grass is used as a natural pesticide and can replace the harmful chemicals which are used for the same purpose. Vetiver also kills the termites and other wood decaying insects which eventually help in protecting the crop.

pest reppelant

Animal Fodder

The vetiver grass is a good option for animal fodder. It has multiple benefits for the crop which is grown along and when the crop is harvested the grass is used as animal fodder.

Animal Fodder

Essential Oil – Calms Mind And Nerves

The oil of vetiver is known to calm the nerves and helps in reducing stress and tension.

calms mind and nerves

Check Rheumatic Arthritis

Some studies have found that vetiver oil is beneficial against gout, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis etc.

Rheumatoid arthritis


The essence of vetiver oil is very pleasant and hence it is used in perfume manufacturing. The vetiver oil is also used in aromatherapy and is known to have multiple benefits; some of which we already discussed.

Too Much Perfume

House And Interior Decoration

The bush of vetiver is used as an ornamental plant for decorating the house; it also helps in keeping the house bacteria proof. Also a variety of mats, windbreaks, mats etc are made of the dried vetiver grass.

This Indian herb has lots of benefits; a number of studies are being performed in order to identify and confirm its medicinal properties so that it could be brought to good use.