15 Benefits Of Lemon Verbena Soap

Benefits Of Lemon Verbena Soap

Are you having any second thought about the soap you are using? And your skin is losing its charm. Your beauty soap and face wash isn’t working the way they said it would in the TV commercials. Ageless beauty that we all awe for you can also feel that magical skin without paying a fortune in parlours and Spas. Wondering if there is any one product available that can save your expensive trips to parlour yet can benefit you with the glow you seek. Lemon verbena soap is what you are looking for. Lemon verbena is a wonderful shrub of pale green colour. It blooms at the end of the summer in Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Central America. Lemon verbena is quite popular for its lemony scent. The lemon verbena oil has been used from centuries and it was very famous during the Victorian era. Lemon verbena soap is chemical free natural beauty soap that is also not expensive. It can benefit your skin in many ways.

Some Of Benefits Of Lemon Verbena Soap


Lemon verbena soap is a refreshing beauty treatment itself. It is known as herbs Louisa and Aloysia Triphylla and is named after Maria Luisa the princess of Parma. The herb has medicinal and aromatic effects that give it a refreshing sense.

Champagne Bubble Bath

Therapeutic properties

Lemon verbena soap is famous for its therapeutic effects, its helps in losing weight as the therapeutic properties helps to break cellulite that further heals and tones the skin.

Weight Loss

Suitable For All Skin Types

This a soap that is good for all skin tones from normal to dry and oily. The essential oils and herbs used in this soap give it a balancing effect for all the skin types.

Skin Afflictions

Anti Aging

The soap fights against the effects of aging on the skin. This is a chemical free natural soap that offers skin a youthful freshness. Lemon verbena contains antioxidants that prevent skin from premature aging effects.


Skin Purifier

Lemon verbena works as a skin purifier, the mild astringent properties that help in cleaning the skin and getting rid of mild scars and blemishes.

Treats Scars

Skin Brightening

The plant derived oils helps in providing essential nourishment and cleanness to the skin. The soap contains flavonoids that soothe and nourish the skin and provide it a radiant appearance.

Softer Skin

Bouncy Skin

As per the popular belief bouncy skin is healthy just like babies have the bounce in their skin. Lemon verbena has some of the benefits similar to green tea that helps in cleaning and toning of the skin also provides the soothing effect to the skin and make sit clean and bouncy.

skin tone

Reduce Puffiness Of Skin

The cooling and soothing effect of the soap works as a natural treatment for the puffiness of skin. Its anti- inflammatory agents are perfect for treating puffy skin.

Reduce inflammation

Removes Acne

Acnes are the result of unhealthy eating and bacteria’s from pollutions. The oil present in the soap get rid of the pollutants and the excess of oil absorbed by eating, from the skin without causing dryness.

Opt for Topical Acne Treatment

Radiant Glow

Lemon verbena soap is famous for controlling oxidative damage that skin suffers. Lemon verbena gets rid of free radicals are often produced after workouts that harms the skin. Skin less prone to free radical gives a radiant glow.

Glowing Skin

Treats Sores And Genital Warts

Using lemon verbena soap regularly over the affected area helps in treating warts and colfd sores due to the lemon oil present in the soap i has properties of natural viricides and hydrosol.

cold sores

Smells Amazing

Lemon verbena soap has naturally scented properties that make it smell amazingly. The fragrance of the soap makes it work like a natural deodorant or perfume.

smells amazing

Skin cleanser

Primarily because of antioxidants and antiviral properties of the herbs used in lemon verbena soap like a cleanser. As it contains the ability to remove excess oil from the skin and also gives you bacteria free skin.

Skin Renewal

Healing properties

The lemon verbena soap due to its medicinal effects is also used to reduce fever. This also helps in other skin problems.

Skin Itching and Irritation

Multi purpose

There are lemon verbena dish soaps are also available that are equally popular due to its wonderful scent and also it is good for hands.

Lemon verbena , the herb used in lemon verbena soap with its many benefits to skin is also commonly used in culinary purpose. Preparing rich dishes and specially in preparing desserts like fruit salads, jellies and ice creams too. Lemon verbena soap has various benefits to it .The soap has an amazing fragrance that is completely natural and that makes your skin healthy and glowing.