15 Benefits Of Black Chickpeas for Skin, Hair And Health

Black Chickpeas for Skin

The protein packed vegetarian diet is quite popular in India and South Asia for its nutritional value. These nuts like legumes are the most preferred food in India because they are economical and equally healthy. They are used in curries, salads, stews and quick snacks. It is a great option to make a healthy meal.

Benefits Of Chickpeas

Weight Loss Food

Chickpeas are packed with protein and fiber. Proteins provide the required energy to the body and the dietary fiber aids with digestion and cleanses the body. It reduces fat accumulation and enables weight loss. It adds bulk to the food and minimizes hunger pangs. It reduces appetite and cuts on the extra calories. Thus, it makes the perfect weight loss food.

Weight Loss

Low GI food

Chickpeas have low GI. The carbs in this food are slowly released into the body, so it prevents insulin spike and regulates the insulin levels. Thus, it aids in appetite management and serves to be a diabetic friendly food. The fiber content and iron content of chickpea also helps in regulating the serum glucose levels.

Weight Loss And Increased Appetite

Reduces Cholesterol

Chickpeas contain perfect quantities of soluble as well as insoluble fiber, which play a major role in regulating the cholesterol levels. It reduces bad cholesterol and triglycerides levels by binding with bile acids. Thus, it is called the heart’s friend. It reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases and supports the blood vessels.


Women Health

Chickpea is highly advantageous for women. The saponins in chickpea help lower the risk of developing breast cancer as well as age-related bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Chickpeas contain phytoestrogens, which mimic estrogens and balance hormone levels in women in their mid-age. It helps minimize hot flashes and prevents leucorrhea as well as miscarriage.

Miscarriage In Women

Promotes Hair Health

Being a pack of protein, consumption of chickpeas is highly advantageous for hair health. It strengthens the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. It makes the hair strong and stops hair loss. It checks premature hair graying and keeps dandruff at bay.

Shiny Hair

Prevents Leucoderma

Leucoderma is characterized by the appearance of white spots on your skin due to the loss of pigments. It makes you feel embarrassed and low because of the appearance. Chickpea has been used as a natural remedy for this skin condition. Regular consumption of chickpea can promote repigmentation and help you get rid of the skin problem completely. Application of chickpeas paste will help cure this disease.

prevents Leucoderma

Flawless Skin

Chickpea pack has been traditionally used to make the skin flawless and glow naturally. It cleanses the skin and keeps acne at bay. It exfoliates the skin and helps remove sun tan. It repairs damage and guards it from sun and pollution. It has skin lightening properties as well.

Fair Skin

Prevents Diabetes

The carbohydrate content in black chickpeas is absorbed slowly by our body thereby checking the sugar levels in the blood. This helps in developing resistance to insulin. Thus, avoids type-2 diabetes.


Rich In Iron

The rich iron content in chickpeas will not only aid in improving the energy levels, but also keeps away lethargy. It cures conditions caused due to the deficiency of iron. Hence, it is perfect for those lactating or pregnant.

pregnant woman

Good Protein Source

Vegetarians have very limited sources to fulfill their protein needs. Chickpeas are a perfect food source to fulfill this requirement.


Hair Growth

Zinc and Vitamin B6 are present in good amounts in black chickpeas. This aids in building up healthy protein in the hair, which strengthens the hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

Healthy Hair

Controls Blood Pressure

Chickpeas lower the blood pressure in those suffering from hypertension by reversing the changes occurring in our blood vessels. Chickpeas are rich in magnesium and potassium. Hence, the legume aids in maintaining proper balance of electrolyte in the body.

Regulating Blood Pressure

Digestive Problems

The rich fiber content in chickpeas promotes healthy intestine and digestive system thus reducing the perils of developing digestive disorders. The high protein, dietary fiber and phytonutrients along with a range of vitamin and minerals will reduce bowel complications.

Digestive System

Heart Health

Regular intake of chickpeas has a positive outcome on the heart and protects it from various cardiac complications. The high amounts of folate as well as magnesium in the chickpeas strengthen the blood vessels and lowers bad cholesterol.

Heart Disease

Prevents Cancer

The fiber present in chickpeas is broken down in the colon into small chain fatty acids. This is absorbed by the cells of the colon and used for providing energy. Hence, the colon cells remain healthy thus reducing the perils of developing cancer.

skin cancer