15 Amazing Uses Of Buttermilk

Amazing Uses Of Buttermilk

Call it the grandma’s probiotic or the nectar for people on Earth, buttermilk definitely qualifies for this tag name. Power packed with vitamins, calcium, phosphorus it is the residual liquid left out after the churning of cream to make butter. This was the traditional means of making buttermilk, these days milk is pasteurized with lactic acid bacteria, and then flavours are added as per taste. Lactic acid produced as a result of this fermentation process, imparting the acetic taste to the buttermilk. Lactic acid is a compound which is used by the body for energy and stamina. It helps in building healthy muscles and can even delay aging. It should be stored at cooler temperatures due to the presence of living microbes in it.

Let us now discover the various advantages of buttermilk


Milk though loaded with calcium has huge amounts of fat too. Buttermilk, on the contrary, has less of fat content and more of calcium. This calcium is essential for the bone health of the body. Even mildly lactose intolerant people can easily have buttermilk( if it suits your system) and avail all the calcium requirements of the body and the lactic acid in it is usually easily digestible.



Buttermilk is obtained when butter separates out from the cream, so basically the fat has been removed. Hence, buttermilk becomes a great option for people trying to lose weight. It is also very filling to the stomach and can be replaced by a snack to keep the stomach fuller for a long time. It digests all the fat in the stomach and takes it along. This fat if left undigested in the stomach eventually appears at all the wrong places in the body as extra flab.

Reduction In Weight


Buttermilk is very helpful in relieving various digestive disorders. It has probiotic properties and enzymes which are healthy for the gut. It also acts as a stomach wash, digests unwanted elements like fat and boosts digestion. When the stomach is healthy, problems like lack of hunger, intestinal problems, are also dissipated. Adding cumin, rock salt and dry ginger powder to a glass of buttermilk accelerates the healing procedure.


Skin Beauty Therapy

Problems of the skin like suntan can be treated with buttermilk.It is acidic in nature and has astringent properties which help clean the skin and clear it up to remove blemishes.Even queens like Cleopatra owed their beauty secret to buttermilk. To remove suntan, mix an egg, some honey to a cup of buttermilk and apply to the face. Results will be seen very soon on a regular application.

remove dark spots and blemishes


For a nice, shiny, bouncy mane, here is a buttermilk treat. Mash a banana, an avocado, mix 1 tab honey, in a cup of buttermilk and apply to the scalp and hair. Leave for some time and rinse. You will definitely get the desired hair texture.

Healthy Hair


Buttermilk has electrolytes and is extremely high in fluid content, which help replenish the lost water content in the body. Salt can be added to freshly made buttermilk to combat the symptoms of dehydration. People can have it several times a day in the summer months when dehydration becomes a common problem because of excess sweating and heat.



Acidity is  common after a heavy meal and can make a person uncomfortable to no extend. Here buttermilk can come to the rescue. The enzymes in buttermilk help in combating acidity, digest the unwanted elements in the stomach and provide a calming effect to the digestive tracts. Drink 3-4 glasses a day to get relief from the problem of acidity.

Can Cause Hyper Acidity


Buttermilk has anti bacterial and anti viral properties that help in treating stomach ailments and also protects the body from infections and improves the immune system.

Influenza Infection


Highly acclaimed as a home remedy in this stomach malady, buttermilk can definitely reduce and even cure the problem of diarrhea. We should add dry ginger(1/2 tsp) and salt to the buttermilk and consume 3-4 times a day.This also helps regain the fluid content of the body that is lost due to the continuous washroom visits.


Blood Pressure

MFGM is a compound found in buttermilk which has qualities to help lower high blood pressure and maintain proper blood flow in the body.

Regulating Blood Pressure


This compound called MFGM helps in lowering the bad cholesterol and helps in controlling and maintaining the cholesterol levels in the body.



To cure hemorrhoids, take a cup of buttermilk, some rice and a banana, mash and mix it. This should be eaten to provide relief from constipation and allow smooth passage of waste matter.



Buttermilk has a high content of minerals and vitamins and is especially rich in vitamin B12, which aid in lowering stress levels and maintains iron in the body. People who are anaemic should try various buttermilk combinations. Mix sugar candy with cows buttermilk and drink it 3-4 times a day.

Sickle Cell Anemia


Stress levels in the body can increase due to low iron content. AS we consume buttermilk, the level of haemoglobin is restored slowly and stress symptoms diminish.



Due to its active enzymes, buttermilk is used as a rising agent for the dough of bread, pancakes, cookies and more. There are a number of other recipes in which buttermilk is used.


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