15 Amazing Skin, Hair And Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves

Amazing Skin, Hair And Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves

Mostly everyone is totally aware of the medicinal properties and health benefits that come with consumption of guavas, a fruit which is most seen in the Asian regions and also finds its prevalence in the Western countries, but what people are unaware of is the fact that the leaves of the guava trees are loaded with medicinal properties and has a range of health benefits to offer in the long run as well. Rich in properties such as being antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and being rich in tannins and antioxidants, guava leaves are extremely beneficial in the treatment of a range of diseases. Due to the fact that people are tired of the side effects which they face from the consumption of medicines, many of them are resorting to the natural herbs to cure their issues and guava leaves is one of them and is at present used in making guava tea leaf tea and capsules for consumption.

These Are Amazing Skin, Hair And Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves

Health benefits

Helps Treat Dengue Fever

Guava leaves have found its use since time immemorial in the treatment of dengue fever naturally. This is due to the fact that guava leaf extracts can promote the number of platelets in the bloodstream and has no harmful effects on the body too! To help in the treatment, one has to make a concoction by boiling around 9 guava leaves with five cup water until the residual amount is reduced to about three cup water quantity. This water after straining and cooling should be given to the patient thrice a day for the best results.


Helps In Bronchitis Treatment

Consumption of guava leaves is known to treat lung disorders like bronchitis and in soothing coughs too due to the fact that it helps in opening up the lungs and looses the mucus too.


Helps In Weight Loss Management

Guava leaf consumption is great for those who are trying to lose weight as these leaves prevent the complex starch in the body from getting converted into sugars.

Weight Loss Is Not Recommended During Pregnancy, But Before And After

Helps In Digestion

Guava leaves promote digestive health by stimulating the production of digestive enzymes in the body along with the fact that the antibacterial properties in guava leaves help in destroying the bacterias in the gut lining which are responsible to cause stomach disorders too. Consumption of guava leaves is beneficial in treating vomiting, nausea and food poisoning to a large extent.

improves digestion

Prevents Allergies

Guava leaves are loaded with properties which are effective against the allergy formation in the body and prevents the release of histamine as well.

skin allergies

Treats Infections And Cuts

Guava leaves are known to have medicinal properties and are a great antibacterial agent and anti-inflammatory in nature too. Due to these properties, guava leaves are great as a healer and can treat cuts, abrasions and infections in wounds as well. It helps in preventing infections and reduces swelling. Guava leaves are great in treating ear infections and uterus inflammation too!

Infection in the nail and nail skin

Helps In Diabetes

Guava leaves have been found to be effective in treating diabetes too due to the reason that it has the property of reducing the activity of the enzyme alpha-glucosidease in the body which keeps the blood glucose level in control. Guava leaves also prevent in the absorption of maltose and sucrose in the body thus resulting into lower blood sugar level as well.


Promotes Oral Health

Guava leaves can be used for gargling in order to cure tooth ache, mouth sore, sore throats and heal gum issues too due to its excellent anti-inflammatory properties. The antibacterial properties further protect the teeth and the gums and are used extensively in mouth fresheners and tooth pastes as well. Guava leaves can be used as a natural paste to keep the teeth and gums healthy.

Boosts Our Oral Health

Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels

Guava leaf tea if consumed for a period of three months has been seen to reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the blood without any impact on the good cholesterol levels and thus helps in overall body health too.


Sperm Count

Consumption of guava leaf tea has also been proven to be effective in increasing the sperm count in a person.

Hormonal And Sperm Count Impact

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Guava leaves are loaded with properties which were seen to have great effects in issues like enlarged prostate and prostate cancer too!

skin cancer

Hair Benefits

Prevents Hair Loss

In order to reap the benefits of guava leaves, one needs to boil about 10 to 15 guava leaves in a liter of water for about 20 minutes and post cooling it apply the same on the scalp and rinse off after massaging. This helps in preventing hair loss in humans.

Prevents Hair Loss

Skin Benefits

Anti-Ageing Properties

Guava leaves in paste form when applied on skin greatly reduces the signs of ageing and tightens the skin too. This is due to the fact that guava leaves are loaded with antioxidants which help in the destruction of free radicals in the skin and thus helping to keep the skin young and glowing.

Accelerated Aging Processes

Treats Acne

Due to the fact that guava leaf extracts are loaded with antibacterial properties, application of the same on the skin helps in killing the bacteria causing acne and thus preventing occurrence of acne any further as well.

Opt for Topical Acne Treatment

Helps Cure Itching

Guava leaves are effective in the treatment of skin itching due to the fact that they contain compounds which are effective against allergies.

Skin Itching and Irritation