15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Matta Rice

Health Benefits Of Matta Rice

Matta rice is a variant of rice which is usually reddish brown in colour. They are also called Palakkadan Kerala rice or Kerala red rice because they are native to Kerala. The typical colour of matta rice is due to the presence of its husk. Matta rice is very healthy and nutritious because of its outer husk; it is not polished and less processed making it healthy as compared to its other sibling. You can eat Matta rice alongwith variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and can also used to make idlis, dosas and other typical dishes.

Let us have a look at some amazing health benefits of matta rice

Rich In Nutrients

The outer red husk of matta rice is rich in nutrients like vitamins, essential minerals and fibre. These benefits are usually eliminated from white rice as they are polished and processed making them just a source of empty carbohydrates.

Rich In Nutrients

Rich In Magnesium

Matta rice is rich source of magnesium which is an essential element. Magnesium helps to control your body’s enzymatic reaction and balances the homeostasis of body which is nothing but controlling the various body processes.

Detoxify Your Body

Protects Your Heart

Matta rice reduces the risk of heart diseases by controlling the various risk factors like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood vessel damage etc. that damage your heart. Indirectly matta rice consumption acts as a heart protectant.

Heart Disease

Reduces Cholesterol

Regular consumption of matta rice helps to control lipid profile. This means it reduces the bad fat and increases levels of good fat which benefits your body. Matta rice helps in reducing levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.


Reduces Risk Of Diabetes

Matta rice helps in reducing insulin resistance which is one major factor in causing diabetes. Thus regular consumption of matta rice helps to reduce the risk of causing diabetes.


Rich Source Of Fibre

The outer red husk of matta red rice is rich in fibre content. Thus regular consumption of matta rice gives your body enough fibre to help in the digestion process; keeping you healthy and fit.


Helps To Control Blood Sugar Spikes

The high fibre content of matta rice reduces and slows down the absorption of carbohydrates. This also slows down glucose absorption which prevents any sudden rise in glucose. This specially helps the diabetes patients and keeps them protected against developing any further vascular complications.

It Gives A Sugar Spike

Rich In Vitamins

Matta rice is rich source of different vitamins, especially vitamin B6. This helps in formation of new red blood cells thus helping the anemic patients.

red blood cells

Helps To Control Blood Pressure

If you regularly eat matta rice, it is observed that your blood pressure stays in control. The possible reasons for this are the low glycemic index and high fibre content of matta rice.

Blood Pressure

Rich In Calcium

Matta rice is rich source of calcium making it an important food item especially for vegetarians. Being a rich calcium source of calcium it keeps your bones and teeth strong.

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Carbohydrates Plus Protein

Usually white source mainly contains carbohydrates because it is polished. However matta rice has this husk which is rich in proteins as well.

healthy body

Source Of Minerals

Matta red rice is rich in various essential elements which are required for your body. These elements include manganese, magnesium, selenium, iron etc. and help in a number of body processes.

Source Of Minerals

Helps In Reducing Weight

The high fibre content and low glycemic content of the matta rice in beneficial in reducing weight. It gives you a feeling of fullness and you tend to eat less thus ultimately reducing weight. In addition matta rice aids in digestion processes thus overall benefiting your digestive system.

Increase In Weight

Contains Antioxidants

Matta rice contains antioxidants which play the role of removing free radicals from body. Free radicals are reactive particles that tend to damage our blood vessels, thus removing them becomes essential. Matta rice being rich in antioxidants protects your body against various cancers, heart diseases, also making your immune system strong which protects the body against number of infections.

Improved Immune System

Good For Your Bones

We have seen that matta rice is rich in calcium and other essential minerals; these nutrients are required by body in keeping our bones strong. Our body constantly requires these nutrients as there is absorption and resorptiono of calcium happening; thus to keep the process going on normally our body needs calcium and minerals and matta rice gives you the same.

Healthy Bones

These benefits make matta rice a perfect package for your body and helps in keeping you fit and healthy. There is no reason why you should keep matta rice away from your diet. So start eating this red rice; eat to stay fit.