15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

Drinking Lemon Water

Lemons are tropical fruits that are easily available all year round. You find them in almost all culinary and non-culinary uses. Being citrus fruits, lemons are loaded with Vitamin C and offers handful of health benefits. Besides providing the essential dose of vitamins, Lemons also provide fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron to the body. Lemon juice, however should not be taken directly as it can cause damage to the enamel of the teeth. Hence it should always be taken in diluted form. Drinking lemon juice every morning is a kick-start to get on a healthy track.

Checkout the amazing benefits of this refreshing drink.

Boosts the Immune System

Drinking a glass of lemon juice can boost up your immune system. They provide Vitamin C that helps strengthen your body immunity from infections. Moreover, lemons also improve the body’s ability to absorb iron from the food, which also works in favor.

Boosts the Immune System

Freshens The Breath

A glass of lemon water will freshen your breath and also help to fight mouth bacteria. As the citric acid can damage teeth enamel, it is best to brush your teeth before drinking lemon water.

Freshens the breath

Aids Digestion

Lemon juice has properties that help to loosen and remove toxins from the digestive tract. It provides great relief from indigestion, bloating and heartburn. Besides it also stimulates bile production, hydrated the colon and also assist in bowel movement.

Aids Digestion

Meets Up Your Potassium Requirement

Lemons are the powerhouse of potassium that is good for functioning of heart, nerves and brain function.

Cleanses Your Body System

Lemons help to remove toxins from the body and also prevent damage to the tissues, cells and organs. It also stimulates the liver to function efficiently. Lemon water has diuretic properties and helps in keeping the urinary tract free of toxins. It is extremely helpful for people with UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

Cleanses your Body System

Energy Booster

When you need an energy boost, drink a glass of lemon water and you will get the needed jolt. It will also set off the right mood for the day ahead.

Energy Booster

Helps In Losing Weight

If you want to lose weight, start drinking a glass of warm lemon water every morning on empty stomach. It will help to boost body metabolism and fights hunger pangs. Drinking lemon water will make you full and therefore curtail your snacking.

Helps in Losing Weight

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation in the body is caused due to deposits of uric acid. Lemon juice has the capacity to remove uric acid from your body joints and thus reduces inflammation.

Reduces Inflammation

Boosts Brain Power

Lemon water gives you good amount of potassium and magnesium that is beneficial for working of the nerves and brain. It also helps to fight stress and depression.

Fights Viral Infections

Lemons have antiviral and antibacterial properties. They assist in fighting common infections like cold, flu or cough. People drinking lemon juice daily have less occurrence of having any kind of viral infections.

Fights Viral Infections

Hydrates The Body

Keeping the body hydrated at all times is crucial for staying healthy. In summers, the body requires more fluids and drinking plain water is not very appetising and hence we tend to drink less. Therefore drinking lemon juice is more refreshing and also keeps the body well hydrated. You can drink as many glasses as you want.

Good For Your Skin

Lemons are excellent source of antioxidants and also prevent damages from free radicals. These harmful free radicals cause premature aging of the skin. Also the Vitamin C that you get from lemon juice helps in maintaining the skin’s elasticity and in turn prevents blemishes and wrinkles.

Good for Your Skin

Reduces Phlegm And Mucus

Lemon water also helps in reducing the formation of phlegm and mucus. Drinking cow’s milk induces mucus production. Hence if you cannot avoid dairy products, at least drink a glass of lemon water every day.

Protects Against Cancer

Besides protecting the skin from aging, lemons also help to fight cancer. As cancer grows in an acidic environment, lemon juice helps in neutralising these acids efficiently. Alkalizing the body reduces the growth of cancer cells and therefore reduces the risks of cancer greatly.

Helps To Get Over Caffeine

If you want to get over your caffeine craving, start drinking lemon water daily every morning. It will give you the same energy boost as your cup of coffee every day.

Get Over Caffeine

The advantages of drinking lemon water are many. Drinking lemon water is the easiest thing you can do to ensure your overall good health. Enjoy this refreshing drink every morning.

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