15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Crowberries

Health Benefits Of Crowberries

Crowberry is not a popular term in India. Very few people have heard the name of this fruit. This is due to the reason as this fruit is grown in colder climates of tundra region. This plant is creepy in nature and has purple coloured flowers with light green coloured leaves. Crowberries are tiny, bright, juicy berries of black colour. It has an acidic and bitter taste. This plant has a light aromatic smell and gives a range of health benefits. With loads of fibre, manganese, antioxidants, copper, Vitamin C and Vitamin K makes it a highly beneficial fruit. In this article we will talk about fifteen amazing benefits of crowberries.

These Are Health Benefits Of Crowberries

Kidney Issues

If you have formed stones in your kidney then eating crowberries everyday will help in breaking them and one can get complete relief from this problem over a period of time.

Kidney Stones

Menstrual Bleeding

Heavy menstrual bleeding and pain associated with it is the problem faced by many women in the world. The leaves of crowberry are highly effective in giving ultimate and quick relief from heavy bleeding. Eating this fruit helps in regulating the menses and solves the problem of irregular periods. This is a perfect uterine tonic.

For Menstrual Disorders


Dysentery is one of the chronic stomach disorders people faces. You need to boil few stems, fruit and leaves of this plant and drink the solution for remarkable relief from this problem. Crowberries are useful in another stomach disorder called diarrhoea. Intake the boiled juice of this fruit immediately stops loose motions and hydrates your body too.

Upset Stomach

Cure Acne

This citrus fruit has immense benefits in lightening the complexion of the skin and preventing pimples, acne and marks on the skin. One can apply the juice on the impacted skin or mix it with chick flour to get a natural and lasting shine on the face.



With high amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants crowberries defeats the ageing process of the body and prevents the formation of free radicals in the body. For a youthful and healthy skin start eating crowberries every day.

Delays Aging

Stomach Problems

Boiled crowberries or water soaked crowberries are very effective in curing various types of simple to acute stomach disorders. Consuming them with honey in the morning for a month gives remarkable relief from constipation.

Stomach cancer

Eye Wash

Not only the fruit, but the leaves, branches and root of this plant have been known for its medicinal benefits. The roots of this plant when boiled is useful to reduce eye related problems and infections like conjunctivitis etc.

eye infection


Crowberries work as a good astringent. The leaf and branches of this plant have beneficial properties in treating cold, cough and fever.



Epilepsy is a disease which happens due to imbalance in functioning of the brain. Crowberries are best known for its remarkable recovery in epilepsy.


Reduction In Weight

Crowberries are good for weight conscious people. Including this fruit in your daily diet also assists in weight loss. This fruit contains loads of antioxidants which aids in improving metabolic rate and strengthening digestive processes so that one lose weight rapidly. With lots of dietary fibres, crowberries help in effective cleaning of the body and bringing down the weight of a person.

Insulin Intake Gains Weight

Food Dye

Boiled crowberries make an excellent food dye which is used in food industry for making delicious food recipes. Not just food industry, crowberries have immense utilities in textile Industry. Textile dyes are made using this fruit and helps in colouring clothes effectively and naturally.

Artificial Food Dyes

Beauty Products

Crowberries are one of the useful ingredients in preparation of natural skin and hair care products. The main reason behind its use is that this fruit contains enormous amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants which are helpful for the skin as well as hairs.

Be Aware Of The Skin Or Beauty Products

Strengthens Immune System

As this fruit is juicy it has high amount of vitamin C which makes your immune system strong and healthy. Your body gets enough strength and vitality to fight against foreign particles effectively and thus protects and maintains the health of the body.

Improves Immune Response

Helpful In Curing Paralysis

Crowberries have remarkable properties which help in providing a calming and soothing sensation to your nerves. Your body gains ability to treat various types of nervous disorders such as paralysis etc.

Helpful In Curing Paralysis

Blood Sugar Control

Juice made out of crowberries is very effective and powerful in controlling levels of blood sugar in the body. It also helps in prevention of diseases caused due to increased blood sugar like diabetes.

Reduces High Blood Sugar Level

So these were the benefits of eating crowberries. Eat this fruit for a healthy and vital body.