15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Birch Oil

Health Benefits Of Birch Oil

Birch is available in two varieties – White Birch and Silver Birch. The scientific name of birch is Betula Lenta. Birch Oil is made up of few important constituents – Salicylic Acid, Betulene, Betulenoland Methyl Salicylate. This is a deciduous tree and popularly used for decorative purposes. It has a distinctive rich minty aroma. Birch is also known for its amazing medicinal qualities since primitive times. This oil is found rarely and is created by way of steam distillation of its wood.

These are Health Benefits Of Birch Oil

Antiseptic And Disinfectant

Birch oil has been best known for its anti-bacterial properties. It kills the germs inside the body and protects body from attack of foreign substances in the body. It has two important ingredients Methyl Salicylate and Salicylic Acid that works as a powerful germicide. It is effective bactericide that protects your skin from various types of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. This oil helps in curing vaginal infections and infections in the urinary tract.

Candida Infection

Antidepressant And Stimulant

This oil has stimulant nature which stimulates some of the very important organs of the body such as nervous, digestive, circulatory and excretory systems. Birch oil is proved to stimulate the endocrine glands due to which the amount of enzymes and hormones production gets increased.


Treatment Of Diabetes

Birch oil plays an important role in enhancing the capacities of numerous enzymes in the body. It regulates the secretion of vital hormones in the body, such as thyroid, diabetes etc. The enhanced level of insulin helpsin lowering the amounts of sugar in the blood.



During fever the temperature of the body rises. Birch Oil reduces body temperature by promoting sweating. This oil is also beneficial in removing toxins from your body by way of perspiration and urination. It helps in improving the health of the patient and results in quick recovery.


Analgesic And Antispasmodic

Birch oil has anti-inflammatory properties which make it useful in alleviatingjoint and muscular pain. If one experience headaches or toothaches then gentle message of this oil on affected area gives instant relief. Its antispasmodic properties relieves from bodily cramps.

Cramping or Mittelschmerz

Anti Rheumatic And Anti-Arthritic

Birch Oil enhances blood circulation in the body and gives relief in ailments which are caused due to improper blood circulation like edema (a kind of body swelling), arthritis and rheumatism. This oil is increasingly used in preparation of massage oils to support your damaged and tired muscles and joint.


Detoxifying Agent

Birch oil is counted as one of powerful detoxifying agents. It helps in removal of unwanted and harmful substances from your body which leads to various circulatory diseases.

Detoxify Your Body

Skin Toner

Since ages, this oil has been popularly used as an effective skin toner. This oil is highly beneficial for people with oily skin. Its aroma infuses feelings of warmness, strength, and vitality. Daily application of this oil reduces wrinkles, fine lines and sagging of your facial skin and muscles. It has astringent property that gives strength to your gums and hair. It also tightens your loose muscles and makes your skin look youthful and energetic.

Maintains Skin Elasticity


Birch oil eliminates excess of uric acid from your blood by means of increased sweating and urination. It is a depurative agent which works towards purifying your blood.

Detoxifies Blood

Treats Cold, Flu And Cough

With the onset of winter weather or seasonal changes one experiences cough, sinus, flu, cough, fever, wheezing and respiratory problems. Birch oil heals your body and prevents these disorders from occurring in the body. It strengthens circulatory system, respiratory function and immune system of the body.

Relieve Colds & Coughs


Birch oil is a good diuretic agent which promotes easy urination. It has two vital components Betulenol and Betulene which helps in making it a best diuretic. Urination is one of the ways of body detoxification which expels various sorts of toxins and harmful substances from the body. Urination cleans your kidneys, prevents the build-up of kidney stones and other issues such as gout and arthritis.

Burning Sensation During Urination

Weight Management

This oil has fewer calories that help in weight reduction. Consumption of this oil also supports better functioning of digestion system and keeps it healthy and strong.

Increase In Weight

Promotes Digestion

Birch oil has significantly high amount of fibre content which enhances the digestion of food, treats gastrointestinal issues and eases the process of expelling stool from the body.

improves digestion

Regulates Blood Pressure

Birch oil is highly recommended in restoring blood pressure to optimum levels.

blood pressure

These are the benefits of birch oil. Don’t overuse it. Use this oil in limited quantities to get immediate and effective relief from various types of pains, infections and ailments.