15 Amazing Benefits Of Sugar Apples

Amazing Benefits Of Sugar Apples

Sugar apples are also famous as custard apples. This is a very tasty and delicious fruit loved by people all over the world. The colour of this fruit is green with black seeds covered with sweet and soft white flesh inside. This fruit has high amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, niacin and potassium. Sugar apple is grown in tropical areas of South America, Asia and West Indies. The outside skin of the fruit is hard and thick. Its fantastic sweet flavour makes it one of the popular ingredients you would find in variety of desserts, ice creams, puddings, milk shakes, smoothies etc.

On this article we will tell you about amazing benefits of sugar apple

Strengthens Immune System

Sugar apple has loads of vitamin C which acts as anti-oxidants to fight away free radicals and improves the immune system of the body. It increases the body’s resistance power and makes it robust enough to fight against disease causing bacteria, germs and virus.

Improved Immune System

Better Eyesight

Sugar apple has large amounts of vitamin A which makes it very beneficial for healthy and better vision. Various types of eye related disorders can be effectively cured by regular eating this fruit.

improves eyesight

Anti Aging

Sugar apple helps in preventing the signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dark patches, saggy skin etc. It also moisturises your skin naturally and internally and make it look moist and healthy.

Delays Aging

Treat Ulcers

The soft and creamy pulp of this fruit acts as a medicine to efficiently treats stomach infections, wounds, boils and ulcers remarkably.


Relief From Tooth Problems

Tooth decay, gum disease, bad odor, painful gums are some of the common problems in young and old people. The outer shell of sugar apple helps in giving you relief from these tough dental problems.

Garlic For Toothache

Balanced Weight

Sugar apples are vital for people who have been facing problems related to their less weight. As the name suggests sugar apple is very sweet in taste and adds many calories to your diet. When you at it along with honey it becomes more effective. Your weight starts increasing in a natural and healthy way and you get an effective personality.

Weight Control

During Pregnancy

Sugar apple is very helpful when eaten during pregnancy. It helps in improving the functionality of brain and ensures sound development of different parts of the brain and immunity power of a foetus. This fruit reduces the chances of miscarriage and labour pain in a woman. It helps pregnant ladies to deal with morning sickness, mood swings, vomiting sensation, nausea, numbness effectively. It is also good for lactating mothers as it leads to increase in secretion of breast milk.


Good For Nervous System

It acts as a nervous tonic and strengthens the body’s capabilities to handle stressful situations efficiently. Your body is less prone to depression, hallucination, memory loss, insomnia etc.

Nervous System

Cures Asthma

It has lots of B vitamins especially vitamin B6 which minimises the inflammation and swelling in the bronchial region which helps in reducing the possibilities of asthmatic attacks. It is also rich in iron that makes it effective in increasing blood levels in a person.


Reduces Risk Of Cardiac Attack

Sugar apple is one of the sources of magnesium and vitamin B6 that protects your heart from heart attack and soothes inflamed muscles.

Heart Disease

Boosts Digestion

Better digestion helps in efficient assimilation and absorption of nutrients to all the body. Sugar apple has lots of dietary fibre and copper that supports digestion process and leads to easy movement of bowel in the body. It also helps in solving constipation issues and other digestive disorders. Consumption of dried powder of sugar apple helps in preventing chronic diarrhea.


Treat Diabetes

As mentioned sugar apple has large amounts of dietary fibre which makes it effective in curing diabetes too. Fibre helps in lowering the rate of absorption of sugar. With slower release of sugar in the blood it limits the chances of development of type-2 diabetes.


Regulates Blood Pressure

The high amounts of magnesium and potassium manages the levels of blood pressure in the body and keeps it under control. Constant increase and decrease of the levels of blood pressure gets controlled by intake of sugar apple daily.

blood pressure

Keep Cholesterol Levels In Check

Sugar apples are rich in niacin and soluble dietary fibre which increases good cholesterol levels (HDL) and reduces bad cholesterol levels (LDL) in the body effectively. It keeps them within limits and maintains a disease free healthy body.


So these are some of the health benefits of eating this amazing fruit. Keep enjoying the deliciousness of this fruit in several forms and stay away from diseases.