15 Amazing Benefits Of Iodine For Skin Hair And Health

Benefits Of Iodine For Skin Hair And Health

Iodine is one of the trace minerals in the body which means that we do not need a lot of it but some of it to get the body functioning to its full ability. Apart from this, the fact that iodine needs to be taken in by the body from external sources makes it more important.

Some of the benefits of iodine for skin, hair and health are discussed below

Skin benefits of Iodine

Helps In Healing Wounds & Cuts

Due to the fact that iodine has been used since time immemorial as a great antibacterial agent along with being a disinfectant, application of iodine on the wounds and cuts help heal them faster. Recently, it has been found that putting iodine on wounds which has already formed into a scab helps in the healing faster.


Helps In Healing Pimples And Scars

Apart from being used for other skin ailments, iodine has been seen to have great effects when a person is suffering from conditions such as scars and pimples as well due to the fact that it promotes skin regeneration process and reduces the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles as well.

minimizes pimples and acne

Hair Benefits Of Iodine

Controls Hair Fall Concerns

It has been seen that the high level of hair fall faced by men and women alike are sometimes due to the deficiency of iodine in their bodies. This is due to the fact that iodine deficiency in the body results into a dysfunctional thyroid gland which directly affects the hair follicles which are prone to damage very easily. The best way in which one can maintain a great mane is by incorporating the optimum amount of iodine in the diet which in turn reduces hair loss as well.

Hair Fall

Health Benefits Of Iodine

Helps In Losing Weight

Due to the fact that iodine is directly associated with the regulation of metabolic rate of the body, it helps in burning the extra calories and helps in losing weight easily.

Leads To Weight Gain

Promotes Energy Levels

Iodine is an essential element which has been associated with the maintenance of a high energy level in the body due to the fact that it helps the body to convert the extra fat into usable energy by not letting it accumulate as fat.

Energy Booster

Helps In Detoxifying The Body

Iodine is also a great element in terms of health due to the fact that it helps in the proper removal of waste and toxic substances from the system such as lead, fluorides , mercury and et al which in turn helps in stabilizing the immune system too!

Detoxify Your Body

Helps Regulate The Metabolic Rate

Iodine is also one of the most important elements which is responsible for keeping the body at the best health due to the fact that it influences the functioning of the thyroid gland which is in turn responsible for controlling the metabolic rate in the body. The proper metabolic rate of the body is necessary to maintain the efficient and effective functioning of all the organs in the human body in the long run.

Control Metabolic Disorder

Helps Prevent Cancer

Perhaps one of the most important health benefits of iodine for humans is the fact that it helps protect the human body from the ill effects of cancer due to its anti carcinogenic properties. The effects of cancer are reduced to an extent where on injection of iodine, the cancer cells die and are replaced immediately with healthy ones.

Reduces Chances Of Skin Cancer

Helps In Pregnancy And Motherhood

Iodine is a very essential element whose presence in a pregnant women’s body is of extreme importance due to the fact that it regulates and improves the maturity and the growth of the reproductive organs and also takes care of the baby too. A lactating mother needs high quantity of iodine as most of the body iodine passes off to the baby by the milk and a certain amount is necessary for the mother as well.


Helps In Controlling Fibrocystic Ailments

Iodine has also been seen to reduce the fibrocystic ailments such as breast tenderness, fibrosis and turgidity in humans and is majorly used in therapies which are both modern and alternative as well.

Helps In Controlling Fibrocystic Ailments

Helps Prevent Thyroid Issues

Iodine has been found to be pretty effective in keeping the concerns of an enlarged thyroid gland at bay when present in an optimal level in the body. Thus in order to avoid such scenarious, having food rich is iodine is necessary.

Regulates The Performance Of  Thyroid Gland

Helps Prevent Goiter Ailments

Iodine is another essential element which greatly helps in the body’s well being by decreasing the chances of causing goiter in humans. However, in severe iodine deficiency situations, goiter is a major occurrence.

Helps Prevent Goiter Ailments

Protects Against Radiations

One of the great health benefits that iodine has is that it helps in protecting a person from the radiation effects. This comes in handy in cases of severe disasters involving radiations where the doctors use iodine to treat the affected ones.

Protection From Radiation Damage

Regulates The Hormones

Iodine is also great as an element as it helps in the proper regulation of the hormones in the body as it is directly connected to the thyroid gland which in turn is responsible for the regulation of most of the hormones in the human body.

Releases Excess Hormones

Promotes Libido

Iodine consumption in food has also been seen to keep the libido levels at an optimal in humans as well which is great for the sexual health.

For Low Libido In Men