15 Amazing Benefits Of Benzoin Essential Oil

Benefits Of Benzoin Essential Oil

Benzoin Essential Oil has a wide range of therapeutic uses which promotes wellbeing of a person. This oil has various beneficial properties such as antidepressant, deodorant, carminative, antibacterial, relaxant, expectorant, diuretic, astringent, anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory and seductive properties. This is the reason why it has been used in the preparation of varied types of medicines for the cure of illnesses. It is good for physical and mental health of a person. This oil carries ancient significance and has been used in religious ceremonies. This oil has a specific golden colour and a good pleasant vanilla smell. It is thick in consistency. For a sound mental and physical health this oil has been used since ages. In this article we will discuss fifteen benefits of benzoin essential oil.

These Are Benefits Of Benzoin Essential Oil

Aids In Digestion

Benzoin essential goods exhibit marvellous carminative properties which are proved to be very good for your stomach and boost its functioning. If you are infected by stomach disease then this oil will prove to be a very significant cure to the problem.


Helpful In Acidity

Benzoin essential oil helps in preventing acid formation in the stomach and intestine. It makes it easy to pass gas from the body and aids in efficient digestion of food.

Can Cause Hyper Acidity

Increases Your Appetite

Benzoin essential is good for those people who suffer from lack of appetite. Many times this is the reason for unhealthy body, poor growth and malnutrition in the body. This oil has got carminative qualities which boosts the appetite of a person and make digestive system healthy.

Controls Your Appetite For More

Muscle Relaxation

Consumption of this oil helps in relaxing muscles of the abdominal region and makes them strong. This increases the core strength of the body too.

Muscle Recovery

Saves You From Infections

The components used in Benzoin oil have antifungal and antibacterial properties which prevents infections and diseases caused due to the occurrence of infections in the body.

Rashes Caused By Shaving

Prevents Cold

Benzoin essential oil is a good expectorant which makes it very effective to heal you from cough and cold. The consumption of this oil makes you less prone to climatic changes, eliminates cough and eases the breathing process. It makes your respiratory tract clean and healthy.


Eases Urination

This oil has got diuretic properties which helps in easing the urination. Urination is one of the ways for detoxification of the body. Consumption of this oil helps in passing more urine from the body and eliminates toxins which make your body clean and healthy.

Burning Sensation During Urination

Effective in Diseases Caused Due To Inflammation

There are several diseases which are caused due to inflammation such as measles, swelling in the body, chicken pox, rashes, digestive tract inflammation etc. Benzoin essential oil is efficient in giving best relief from all these problems in the natural and soothing way.

Powerful Anti-inflammatory Agent

Improves Metabolic Rate

Metabolism is very important aspect of overall health of the body. If the metabolism of the body is working perfectly then it saves us from most of the problems. The compounds present in this oil ensure better secretion of hormones and enzymes from the pancreatic region.

Control Metabolic Disorder

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Benzoin essential oil shows effective qualities that lowers the increased levels of blood sugar in the body and helps in maintaining permissible amounts in the blood.

Reduces High Blood Sugar Level

Treats Arthritis

This is the most effective and highly useful remedy for people who are suffering from arthritis. Application of this oil helps in getting relief from joint and muscular pain.


Cures Depression

Benzoin essential oil is very beneficial for restoring sound mental health of a person. It acts as a nerve tonic which helps in proper functioning of your nervous system and keeps it healthy. Benzoin essential oil aids in treating depression effectively by uplifting the mood.


Heals Chapped Skin And Soreness

Benzoin essential oil is very effective for skin. It is used in preventing soreness and chapped skin. This oil has antibacterial properties which makes your skin free from all types of fungal, protozoa and bacterial growth on your skin.

Heals Chapped Skin And Soreness

Heals Burns And Blisters

For a flawless and beautiful skin, this oil has remarkable properties which heal painful burns and blisters on the skin with their associated marks.

Helps In Reducing Burn Marks

Cures Rheumatism

Benzoin essential oil gets easily absorb into the skin and gives you instant relief from all kinds of difficult symptoms of Rheumatism.

Cures Rheumatism

Though this oil has several health benefits but the use of it should be done under medical supervision. It is important to consult a doctor before consuming it internally or externally. The components used in preparing this oil have toxic nature. It should be taken in adequate quantities. Over usage of this oil can also lead to headache, uneasiness and vomiting sensations. So it is better to take it in admissible limits and check if you are not allergic to it. Make sure you know about the side effects of this oil before using it.