14 Surprising Health Benefits Of Sorrel Leaves


A lot of us think that the leaves are meant for animals, and human beings are animals too. Just that we are the social animals. The truth of the matter is that nature provides something for everybody. Some of the time, something astounding originates from unforeseen sources such as the leaves. The leaves are an enduring herb that is otherwise called spinach dock, sheep sorreal, acrid snatches and harsh grass in view of its tart, very sharp taste and sharpness. The herb is regularly mistaken for hibiscus and spinach. It is local to North Asia and Europe.

The leaves are spade-melded, rosy green blossoms that turn into purple after the full sprout. The seeds are chestnut in shading.Tawny leaves are usually utilized both as dried and new herb for cooking and in readiness of iced and hot teas. However, do you know the restorative advantages of this herb? You surely have no clue about how great roan leaves can be for our wellbeing. The leaves are rich in vitamins and other minerals, Calcium and potassium. There are several health benefits of these leaves. A few are mentioned below for your knowledge.

14 Surprising Health Benefits Of Sorreal Leaves

Helps In improving The Eye-Sight

Since, these leaves are rich in Vitamin A, they help in improving the eye sight of a person. If you take it regularly in your normal diet, you are for sure will observe a healthy improvement in your eyesight.


Helps To Reduce Weight

The leaves are rich source of carbohydrates, calcium, potassium vitamins and minerals. So when you have this, you will for sure gain a lot of vitamins and above mentioned things, but do not worry about the calorie count. Since, it has carbs as well, but it has zero level of fat and you can have it without feeling guilty. It is rather healthy.

Weight Loss

Works As An Anti Oxidant

The leaves if consumed on a daily basis help in fighting the harmful and poisonous substance present in the body. The body tends to have certain things, which are harmful hence we should eat something that will naturally cure it.


Prevents Tumour And Cancer

The leaves have certain properties, which helps in preventing the cancer and tumour. The oxalic acid, which is present in the leaves helps in preventing the tumour and cancer. It does not allow the cancer cells to grow, hence, preventing it from them.


Helps In Preventing Breast Cancer

Breast cancer today, can be seen today in lot of women, we do not understand if the cells are developing in the body or not. Hence, it is always advisable to get a regular body check up. But if you just want to cure it then these leaves have medicinal properties, which will help in preventing the breast cancer cells to develop. Since, it has carotenoids and chlorophyll and a lot of minerals, it helps in preventing the cells to develop.

Breast Cancer

Helps In Curing Fever Blisters And Cold Sores

The leaves has many components that includes oligomeric, polymeric proanthocyanidins and flavonoids, which helps in getting rid of the blisters and the sores caused by cold.

cold sores

Helps In Reducing Blood Pressure

Since the leaves are high in anti oxidants, they help to lower down the cholesterol and hence the blood pressure. Thus a person with high blood pressure should include this in their daily diet.

 blood pressure

Helps In Curing Skin Diseases

Since sorreal leaves are a rich source of vitamin c so having it daily is very beneficial for your skin, as it cures the skin diseases and also gives a natural glow to your skin. You can have these leaves in many ways, one being having it raw in salad, or you can also make its soup and have it.


Helps In Reducing The Breast Milk Flow

It is said, that the intake of these leaves by women who wants to reduce the milk flow is very beneficial. As it is a natural way to reduce the flow of milk. But it is not good for the women who are breast feeding and have little flow already. They must avoid having this leaves during those days.


Treats Hypertension And Insomnia

Having tea made of these leaves are good for health. To make it more effective, you must add ginger, cinnamon as it adds the effect to it. You can have this tea once in a day, as it helps in curing hypertension and insomnia.


Excellent For Hair Growth

The leaves are a rich source of vitamin C and A, hence including the sorreal leaves in your daily diet is good for your hair and more if your hair is weak and dull. The leaves help in the growth of hai and also give lustre to it.

Hair Growth

Rich In Anti Inflammation Properties

The leaves help in treating the ulcers and boils if any. Due their healthy inflammatory properties, the leaves are one the natural cure of treating certain things which occurs in the body.


Rich In Calcium

Since, the leaves are rich in calcium; it helps in improving the strength of the bones. If you do not like milk and related products, then start having these leaves as they are super rich in vitamin C.


Treats Anaemia

Sorreal leaves are a rich source of iron, hence if this is included in your diet, it will treat anaemia and will also help increase the blood in the body. So, if you have less count of blood cells, then start having these green leaves.