14 Magical Home Remedies To Treat Swelling

Home Remedies To Treat Swelling

Medically, swelling is the enlargement of a particular part of skin mainly due to accumulation of certain fluids. Generally, it is a wound that causes burning sensation and never ending itching that extracts out our patience to bear it. Swelling can be caused due to different reasons and thus are the different ways of treating them. 

Medication is a rare recommendation since it requires immediate treatment. In such a scenario, remedies that can be prepared at home are the best suited.  However, certain cases may require medication which can be pursued after following some homemade remedies so that the effect reduces. The resources used to prepare these remedies are mostly available at home. All you need is an innate skill of using them in a specific way to attain the desired results.  Checkout the following amazing home remedies to treat swelling wounds effectively.

Home Remedies To Treat Swelling

Dip In Lukewarm Water

Lukewarm Water To Reduce Swelling

The swelling gets instantly reduced when it comes in contact with lukewarm water. Prepare some lukewarm water and add salt to it. Although it will cause immense itchy sensation initially, later on the relief it garners is undisputed.  For a swelling infection on a body part such as feet that can be easily immersed in water for long, water therapy is the best home remedy. Moreover, applying certain herbal lotion will ease the pain effectively. However, it is difficult to execute the exercise for swelling infection in certain areas that can’t be dipped.

Fluids Intake

Fluids Intake To Reduce Swelling

Some types of swellings are caused by dehydration. Consistent fluid consumption is the only way to stop it from spreading. Consume abundant fluids that have a natural cooling effect. Cold water, juices and some non alcoholic beverages such as peppermint mojito and iced tea are very effective.

Apply Ice pack

Ice Pack To Reduce Swelling

For swellings caused due to external injury, applying ice pack is the most efficient method. Rest the injured portion on a cushion or pillow in an elevated direction. Place the ice packs around the swollen area and bandage them with a tightened cloth. This will lead to compression and subsequent relief from pain. Keep the ice packs for 30 minutes and then replace with a new bandage. Repeat in a cycle every one hour.

Apply Toothpastes

Toothpastes To Reduce Swelling

Toothpastes are the most easily available home remedies to fight swelling. They have alkaline properties that help to neutralise the swelling causing agents such as the venom. Apply them like any other lotion directly on the infected area. However, makes sure not to rub and just swipe gently on the swollen wound.

Herbal Tea bags

Tea Bags To Reduce Swelling

Believe it or not but tea bags of herbal teas are very effective in reducing swelling. They have tannins present that treat the reddish area completely. Take some tea bags and steep them in hot water for 10 minutes. Now, compress them directly on the wound. They constrict the blood vessels and tighten the skin. Change bags after every 15 minutes.

Consume Ginger

Ginger To Reduce Swelling

Ginger works by effectively thinning the blood.  It bestows immense relief from pain and irritation. You may consume Ginger in form of capsules (preferably 2) before every meal. Ginger complements the beverages and can be added to form a healthy drink. Add some Ginger powder to warm water and drink twice a day. For better taste, drink Ginger tea.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel To Reduce Swelling

Aloe Vera extracts have bradykininase that provide relief from pain due to swelling and bruising. Aloe Vera gel can be directly applied on the affected area. Aloe Vera gel tubes are widely available in stores. After applying, leave the swollen area to dry for some time. Continue applying the gel in small amounts every two hours.

Onion slices

Onion Slices To Reduce Swelling

Onions have compounds that possess inflammatory properties. The enzymes present in Onions instantly reduce the reddishness and ease the swollen area. Cut down some fresh onions and wash them properly.  Very carefully, swipe the infected area with the Onion slice.

Apply crushed Aspirin

Crushed Aspirin To Reduce Swelling

Applying Aspirin is very useful in treating swelling from bee stings.  Cut the tablet using a sharp knife and then crush it thoroughly to make a fine powder. You may use multiple tablets to get more powder. Now add some water to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on the wounded area. It will definitely neutralize the burning sensation.

Apply Honey

Honey To Reduce Swelling

Besides being a sweetener, honey can be used to treat swollen wounds. It has anti bacterial compounds that discourage the wound from spreading. Moreover, the Hydrogen Peroxide present results in quick healing. However, stop applying if any kind of additional rash appears on the skin.

Cucumber and Mint

Cucumber And Mint To Reduce Swelling

While Cucumber has inflammatory properties that help to heal swollen wounds, Mint has anti bacterial compounds that prevent the swelling from spreading. A blended tonic of Cucumber and mint is a magical remedy to treat swelling. Grate a Cucumber and strain the liquid into a separate container. Now, take some mint leaves and mince them nicely in a way that the fleshy portion of the leaf is left exposed. Now, bring the minced Mint to the Cucumber fluid. Refrigerate the liquid for 2 hours and then apply it directly using a cotton ball.  Avoid rinsing.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Baking Soda To Reduce Swelling

Baking Soda combined with Vinegar results in a magical medicine against swollen wounds. While Vinegar works by reducing the swelling, baking soda results in the thickening of the paste making it easy to apply on the affected area.

Consume Papaya

Papaya To Reduce Swelling

Papaya when consumed in both internal and external forms helps to fight the swelling symptoms in different ways. Eating Papaya fruit twice day provides immense relief from pain and cools down the burning sensation within. Externally it can be used by directly applying it on the infected area. Papaya slices can be rubbed over the wound for weakening the swelling.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil To Reduce Swelling

Take some Tea tree Oil and apply it directly on the wound using cotton. This is perhaps an easy home remedy which can be executed by preparing some cotton balls and soaking them in the Oil. Tea Tree Oil has a natural cooling affect. It is way ahead in efficiency than any of the cosmetic lotions and creams which have benzoyl peroxide.