14 Amazing Health Benefits Of Flageolet Beans

14 Amazing Health Benefits Of Flageolet Beans

There are many variants of beans which are available; kidney beans, red beans and so on. These beans are healthy and full of nutrition. Talking specifically of flageolet beans, these are originated in France however now-a-days can be available in other places as well. Flageolet beans are easy to cook and have a typical taste and texture; also they give a nice creamy consistence to any dish. Flageolet beans can be cooked without soaking and take less time for preparation. Now let us have a quick glance at some wonderful health benefits of flageolet beans, and which will help you in staying fit and strong.

Good If You Want To Reduce Weight

Flageolet beans are low in calories, you can say around 100 grams would give you just 80-90 calories. Even though they are low in calories, flageolet beans are very filling. So you can take care of your irritating hunger pangs with the help of these light flageolet beans. These beans come to your rescue when you are trying to lose weight.

Weight Loss

Rich In Proteins

Proteins are very essential for your body; they form the building blocks of body and also help in reducing the wear and tear of the body. Flageolet beans are power source of proteins and are very rich in proteins; thus helping your body to meet its protein requirements.

flageolet beans

Rich In Carbohydrates

Ideally it is recommended that your daily diet should contain about 50-60% of carbohydrates; thus making carbohydrates a very important constituent of your diet. Carbohydrates are the basic source of energy for your body. Flageolet beans are rich in carbohydrates and give you lot of energy.

Boosts Energy

Has A Low Fat Content

The overall fat content of flageolet beans is low; also it has a good content of high density lipoproteins which is the good fat. This helps in improving your basic lipid profile thus preventing any blockages or blood vessel clots.

Acts As Blood Thinner

Rich In Potassium

Potassium is beneficial for your body as it has a number of functions in body. It helps to keep your bones strong. Potassium is also essential to keep your rhythm of heart normal. Flageolet beans are rich in potassium and thus keep your bones strong and heart healthy.


Has Good Amount Of Vitamin Content

Flageolet beans are rich in vitamin content which helps in forming new blood cells, thus helping to cure anaemia. Some vitamins present in flageolet beans also improve your body’s immunity.

Strengthens immunity

High Content Of Fibre

Flageolet beans help the process of digestion by assisting your digestive system as they are rich in fibre. Fibre gives a bulk to your food and also helps in reducing gastric problems like gas, indigestion, constipation etc.


Rich Source Of Iron

Iron helps in formation of red blood cells and are also required for some enzymatic reactions in our body; thus making it very essential. Flageolet beans are rich sources of iron thus helping body fulfil its iron requirement.

red blood cells

Rich Source Of Magnesium

Flageolet beans are rich in magnesium and other essential micro and macro nutrients. These nutrients are selenium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, iron, etc. and supplement the various body processes.

Digestive System

Help To Reduce Cholesterol

Flageolet beans help in reducing cholesterol; so this means it doesn’t increase any bad cholesterol and top of it helps in reducing it; which is a very important benefit of these beans. This property helps in protecting your cardiovascular system.

blood pressure

Helps Body In Removing Excess Sodium

Consuming flageolet beans helps in removal of any excessive sodium; which is otherwise harmful for the body as it can increase blood pressure and also cause swelling and water retention.

Regulating Blood Pressure

Help In Normalising Blood Sugar

Flageolet beans reduce and slow down the absorption of glucose thus helping in normalising the blood sugar levels; this is mainly beneficial in patients suffering from diabetes.


Reduces The Risk Of Developing Cancer

As they are rich in antioxidants flageolet beans reduce the risk of developing various forms of cancer. It also shields your body against various infections and diseases.


Helps In Reducing Constipation

Flageolet beans are rich in fibre and this helps in reducing constipation. This happens because flageolet beans give a bulk to the stools thus effectively pushing it and clearing the rectum; thus avoiding constipation.

Treats digestive problems

In addition to the number of benefits that flageolet beans have; it is also not very expensive and easy on pocket. You can also include it in a variety of dishes; also these beans are available in number of varieties as well. So what are you waiting for! Try out your flageolet bean recipe now.