13 Safe And Natural Appetite Suppressants

Safe And Natural Appetite Suppressants

If you are someone who struggles to keep a horny appetite under control, then you would definitely stroll down this article to learn more. Before moving on to the discussion about the safest, natural appetizers, lets us talk about appetizers in retrospect. An appetite suppressant could be any medicine, pill, natural or artificial food products that curbs your hunger, ultimately reducing the size of your meals. How effective any of these proves depends to a large extent on the product used and the person taking it. Generally people looking to lose weight are the ones who sought for different kinds of appetite suppressants to achieve a target weight.

Here Are Safe And Natural Appetite Suppressants That Will Certainly Help


Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee to unwind be it on a casual date or a small break in between work? Coffee suppresses appetite, making you feel full for a longer duration. It should be consumed with minimum cream and milk and little or no sugar to achieve appetite control.

Black Coffee


Nuts are an ultimate health snack which provide all round nutrition and an effective appetite control. These are rich in omega – 3 fatty acids and many vitamins and natural fibres which make you feel full for a longer duration of time. Hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts and Almonds are some of the healthier options.

Nuts and Seeds

Vegetable Broth

It’s almost like a veggie soup but with more water. You can relish a large bowl of veggie broth and satisfy your appetite without gaining any extra calories. But remember, moderation is the key any ways.

Veggie Broth


Oat is popular as a breakfast cereal. It is very high on nutrition and digests slowly so that you do not feel hungry for a long time after having an oatmeal. You can cook oats into numerous recipes to treat your taste buds and minimize calorie intake at the same time.

Porridge Made With Oats


Apple is a delicious food suppressant and is rich in many anti –oxidants. Apples are great for a mid-day snack time and the high fibre content serves as a great appetite suppressant.


Red Pepper

It may not be the best of choice for many spice haters, but red peppers are a great appetite suppressant, believe it or not. They boost metabolism while regulating the digestion at the same time. An ultimate combination for any person on diet.

Red Pepper

Green Tea

It is by far the best appetite suppressant that offers minimal calories intake while managing appetite at the same time. It is said that a cup of green tea helps you burn 25 calories on an average. What more do you want from an appetite suppressant.

Basic Green Tea Brew For Anti Aging

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are a good source of natural fibre and are rich in omega – 6 and omega – 3 fatty acids. These are great for promoting weight loss as they release substances which control appetite. Chia seeds can be similarly taken as an equally healthy option.

Flax Seed Detangler


Ginger is an ancient Indian kitchen herb that adds a peculiar flavour to the food. It is an amazing appetite stimulant which boosts the metabolism. It is very good at maintaining an appropriate appetite which is just enough to help you consume only that much food which your body needs ad can easily consume.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural vinegar that is a great source of natural antioxidants besides providing a good natural control over the appetite. It can be safely taken every day, mixed in a glass of water in an amount of 1 table spoon full for best results.

Apple Cider Vinegar Mixture


Water is the best detoxification liquid available on Earth. It not only helps flush out the excess toxins from blood, but helps to cut down appetite when consumed just before meals. Another inexpensive way to cut down on your calorie intake.

Drink Water Without Using Your Hands

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is said to release a few chemicals in blood which act as mood elevators and produce a joyous feeling in the body. Dark chocolate is a good option for chocolate lovers looking to shed a few kilos. Its high cocoa content suppresses appetite by releasing stearic acid in blood. It is also very low on the sugar levels, an ideal way to reduce the calorie intake.

Gorge On Dark Chocolates


Tofu is a good replacement for “paneer” or cottage cheese. Not only is it high on the protein content but it is good at making you feel full in smaller amounts. It can be cooked into a variety of food recipes to maintain a healthy body.

Eating Tofu And Tempeh