12 Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy signs

Pregnancy signs Being pregnant is the best feeling that a women can have in her life. There can be nothing as amazing and beautiful, than feeling a new life, within your body.

But, in order to enjoy this heavenly feeling, you should ensure that you are ready for this and so, plan the thing before hand.

When a woman gets pregnant, her body goes through several changes, which are displayed in the form of symptoms. It is very important for any woman to have knowledge of these symptoms, so that she could identify them, as and when they appear, and take proper precautions.

Needless to say, if you have the initial symptoms of pregnancy, you should immediately go and consult with your gynecologist, to confirm the same.

Various Signs Of Pregnancy

Cravings Or Aversions For A Certain Type Of Food

Pregnancy signs

Pregnant ladies may feel an unusual craving or aversion for certain specific foods, during the initial stages of their pregnancy. But, in some ladies, these cravings can last for the entire period, i.e. nine months of pregnancy. It is considered as early sign for pregnancy, though not a complete proof.

Implantation Bleeding

When the egg attaches itself to the placenta, some women get spotting, accompanied by cramps. This bleeding is a normal process, is lighter than the normal periods and does not last long. Though, implantation bleeding is caused only during pregnancy, but symptoms are quite general and can be caused by several other factors also, so it cannot be called a definite sign.

Missed Period Or Menstruation Cycle

When you are pregnant, you do not get your periods and so a missed period can be a sign that you have conceived.

Pregnancy Signs

If your periods are too regular, than there are higher chances that you have conceived. But, otherwise also, in case of missed period, you should consult your doctor and go through proper check up to establish pregnancy.

Tiredness And Fatigue

Tiredness and fatigue almost always accompany pregnancy and are most prominent during the first trimester. This is caused by the increased levels of progesterone hormone, in addition to lower levels of blood sugar and blood pressure. Also increased production of blood takes your energy and you always feel sleepy, are tired to do anything and can’t wait to go back to bed.

Mood Swings

Pregnancy Signs

Mood swings also become very common in pregnant ladies, as they cope-up with the several hormonal changes occurring within their bodies. These mood swings are also one of initial symptoms of pregnancy and the lady can become extremely emotional and even weepy at times.

Tenderness And Swelling Of Breasts

The breasts of a pregnant woman become tender and sometimes too sore to touch. They also get swollen and increase in size. These symptoms may appear as early as in the second week of conception. Also, the areolas around the nipples become darker, which is also a sign of pregnancy.

Frequent Urination

Pregnancy symptoms

This is not an early sign of pregnancy, but appears after about six to eight weeks of conception. During this period, the embryo gets implanted and the production of human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone starts, leading to frequent urination. So, your visits to the bathroom increase, and becomes even more frequent during night.

Morning Sickness/Nausea

This is most common symptom of pregnancy and can show up within 2 weeks of conception or later, even by the 8th week into pregnancy. The woman feels nauseated and frequent vomiting occurs. This feeling could remain for a few days or can stay for the entire pregnancy period. Morning sickness and nausea hit many pregnant women, but some manage to escape it altogether.


Pregnancy signs

During the initial phase of pregnancy, there are several hormonal changes within the body. These changes cause increased blood pressure, resulting into frequent, but mild, headaches.

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Keen Sense Of Smell

Pregnancy signs

Usually pregnant women develop a keen sense of smell and become more sensitive towards certain kinds of fragrances. Even a faint smell can disturb them and cause irritability.

Abdominal Bloating And Cramps

During pregnancy progesterone hormone is released into large amounts, which slows down the passage of food within the intestine, thus, causing abdominal bloating and constipation. Abdominal cramps can also occur during the early stages of pregnancy, which resemble the menstrual cramps. These symptoms are quite common in pregnant women, though not all women have to go through these symptoms.


Backaches are common symptoms in pregnancy. Although most of the women have this pain only during the initial stages, but for some, the pain continues throughout their pregnancy period.

So, if you are observing the early sign of pregnancy, than consult your doctor, to get confirmation. Once it is confirmed that you have conceived, now it’s time to make preparations for entry of a healthy baby in your life and experience this gift of nature bestowed upon you.