12 Health Benefits Of Triticale


Triticale is a grain which is made after cross breeding wheat (Triticum) and rye (Secale) and hence the name ‘Triticale’ that suggests the hybrid between the two grains. This hybrid is as old as 19th century. It is believed that triticale has more fibre content and nutrition when compared to both the parent grains. We will discuss the major health benefits of the grain triticale and how can we use it in our daily food habits and day-to-day life.

Following Are The Health Benefits Of Triticale

Rich Source Of Protein

Triticale is a very rich source of protein. Also if you compare triticale with its parent grains i.e. rye and wheat, the protein content is high. Our body requires protein for a number of processes and it usually happens that our diet is unable to provide enough protein; more commonly vegetarians encounter this problem. Therefore, by including high protein alternatives in diet helps in such cases. Now protein is required by the body for a number of processes, some of them are that it helps to build muscles and provide strength. It also builds collagen which gives tightness to your skin making it look young and delays ageing.

Eat Protein Rich

Rich Source Of Fiber

Triticale has a very high fiber content; also when compared to wheat and rye it is high in fiber. Fiber mainly improves the digestion process. This is done by helping with absorption; it also adds volume and bulk to the stool thus making the passage easier. Being a high fiber source triticale provides benefit in preventing a number of gastric problems like constipation, ulcers, gas and even cancer etc.


Reduces Constipation

Triticale helps with constipation as it is rich in fiber. We discussed how being rich in fiber helps. Triticale helps in passage of stools by providing bulk and thus pushes the stool. This pressure buld up makes passage easier and smooth thus helping to reduce constipation. It you continue eating triticale and include it in your diet over time the cycle of stool passage becomes regular and totally eliminates the problem of constipation.


Helps In Normalising Blood Sugar Levels

It is believed that triticale helps in reducing normalising blood sugar levels. This happens because triticale is rich source of fiber; thus it reduces the absorption of glucose in the blood. As a result, glucose is not absorbed and gets removed from the body. Thereby the blood sugar levels remain normal and are maintained.

 Blood Sugar

Improves Blood Circulation

Triticale is rich in nutrient elements like zinc, iron, folic acid etc. These nutrients help in formation of new blood cells. Thereby it helps in improving blood circulation. Some people also believe that triticale has some nutrients that reduce the stickiness of platelets (component of blood) thus making it free-flowing. This property also helps in case of cardiovascular properties.

Blood Circulation

Helps In Dealing With The Wear And Tear In The Body

We saw that triticale is a rich source of protein and amino acids. This property proves to be beneficial in healing of wounds. Protein helps in repairing the wear and tear and therefore heals the wounds quickly and efficiently.


Makes Your Bones And Skeletal System Strong

Along with other elements and nutrition, triticale is also rich in calcium. Calcium as we know is important for building bones and making them strong. Thus regular consumption of triticale; especially in post menopausal women and osteoporotic women, helps in making the entire skeletal system strong.


Protection During Pregnancy

Triticale is known to form new blood cells and also provides other benefits. This protects the unborn baby and helps in reducing pre-birth/ birth defects in the baby.


Antioxidant Benefits

Antioxidants reduce the free radical levels in the body thus reducing the oxidative stress. This gives benefit by protecting the body against damage. The entire body vasculature is protected and a number of diseases like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes etc. can be averted.


Prevents And Helps In Reducing Skin Diseases

Triticale has some essential elements like zinc, manganese and magnesium which reduce skin allergies and skin diseases keeping the skin healthy.

skin disease

Shiny And Bouncy Hair

Like the essential elements benefit your skin; similarly it also benefits your hair. In addition the high protein content also makes the hair strong and assists in new hair growth. The end result is shiny and beautiful hair.

Shiny Hair

Increases Metabolism In The Body

Triticale improves body metabolism thus assisting in fat burning. This property helps in maintaining weight and preventing fat accumulation.


Having seen so many health benefits of triticale, there is no reason why triticale grains shouldn’t form a part of your diet.