12 Amazing Benefits Of Cycling

Amazing Benefits Of Cycling

Cycling is one of those simple activities which is often overlooked as a regular exercise option but comes with a host of benefits. Unlike gym activities, cycling is more fun since you do it outdoors and once you get the hang of it, it can be quite addictive too.

These Are Amazing Benefits Of Cycling

Muscle Building

Cycling is a very good exercise for building muscles and regular cycling can result in not just weight loss but can also give a toned look to the lower part of your body. Apart from muscle formation, it also strengthens the muscle mass.

Gives Tips To Muscles To Burn Fat

Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief, cycling makes you lose fat not just in the calves and thighs but all over your body because several areas of your body are involved in the activity of riding a cycle. It burns calories fast and you tend to lose fat faster when compared to other exercises since it enhances the metabolic rate of the body.

Weight Loss


Exercise in general increases your immunity and cycling is one of the best ways to do it. Regular cycling of about thirty minutes can increase the activity of the immune cells in the body decreasing your chances of contracting diseases.

Improves Immune Response

Cardiovascular Health

Cycling is a very way of bringing down your chances of heart problems. Many researches claim that regular cycling reduces heart attack risks by nearly fifty percent. It can also keep your blood pressure under check and keep the heart muscles healthy.

Cardiovascular Disorders

Strong Bones

High intensity exercises are often suggested to people for maintaining bone strength but everyone may not be able to stick to the hard regime. Cycling comes as a blessing for such people as high intensity cycling is considered a good option for bone building and strengthening without the repercussions of a high impact exercise. So start cycling and see your bones turn strong without too much strain on your body. Since this outdoor activity exposes you to sunlight, you get adequate levels of Vitamin-D, that helps keep your bones strong.

Strengthen Bones

Stress Buster

Cycling is a good way to keep your stress levels at bay as this exercise brings down the stress hormones and produces the feel good hormones. Next time, you are down with depression or experiencing mood swings, hop onto your cycle and feel happy!


Good For Joint Mobility

Unlike many exercises that put stress on the knee joints, cycling actually improves the mobility of knee joints. For those suffering from joint problems and are advised to stay away from walking or running, cycling is a good option as it lets you stay fit without straining your joints and also improves their functioning.

Doesn’t Damage Your Joints

A Fun Way to Exercise

Many exercises require you to stay indoors and can often become boring and monotonous. Cycling gives you the benefit of a fun outdoor activity that maintains your fitness. It can also be done with your friends or family keeping you company and hence it does not stress you out all. Plan on a fun cycling trip for the entire family and you will see that you had an enjoyable ride and also burnt off a lot of calories along the way.

A Fun Way to Exercise

Good For Diabetics

Diabetes is increasingly becoming a deadly disease owing to the urban, sedentary lifestyles and cycling could be the best way to reverse this harmful trend. So the next time you think of taking out your car for a small drive to a nearby place, try using a cycle and watch yourself pedaling away from the dangers of diabetes.


A Sound Sleep

Cycling promotes good sleep and is a great option if you are suffering from insomnia. It relieves you of mental stress and enhances the release of hormones that relax the body. This, coupled with the physical tiredness due to exercise makes you fall asleep faster than normal and also ensures a sound sleep for a longer time.


Memory Booster

This might be news to many people but going by the latest research this seems to be true. Cycling regularly helps activate the neurons and neuron transmissions in the brain and as you continue to cycle over several years, your memory becomes sharper and can help you delay the onset of age related dementia.

Increase Your Memory

Eco Friendly And Pocket Friendly

Cycling not only keeps you in the pink of health but in doing so, doesn’t end up burning a hole in your pocket and commuting becomes easy. Using cycle for commuting as much as possible, you will be contributing towards a greener earth. What better ‘feel good’ factor do you need to go cycling? So get up and take a joyful health ride!