11 Types Of Jeans For Women

Types Of Jeans For Women

The modern day woman’s wardrobe is pretty incomplete without a pair of stylish jeans, which can enhance her beautiful curves. A good pair of jeans is a timeless possession that will never go out of style. Jeans, which tops the list of comfort wear can be worn any time of the day or night.

There are a variety of jeans which are specially manufactured to meet a woman’s unique body shape. From ultra slim fit to those which are specifically made for plus sized women, the options in women’s jeans are endless. Women’s jeans are classified on the basis of three elements, namely cut, rise and wash. Depending on these three main elements we will take an in depth look at the different types of women’s jeans.

11 Types of Jeans for Women


Cut Jeans For Women

Women’s jeans come in a variety of cuts. Depending on the specific cut, women’s jeans are categorized as straight leg jeans, boot cut jeans, skinny leg jeans and flare leg jeans.

Boot Cut Jeans

Boot Cut Jeans For Women

The legs of these jeans are cut in a manner which allows the wearer to easily slip into a pair of boots. The boot cut jeans are narrower at the thighs and wider below the knees. These jeans look good on women of all body types, but especially so on women with wide hips.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans For Women

Skinny jeans look great on women who have never ending legs. These jeans should be worn by women who have a slender build. Women with pear shaped bodies and those with wide hips will not look good in skinny jeans.

Flare Leg Jeans

Flare Leg Jeans For Women

These jeans sit snugly on the waist and fit the thighs like a glove. However these jeans are designed to flare out just below the knees like boot cut jeans. Flare jeans look really good on broad shouldered and narrow hipped women.

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight Leg Jeans For Women

Straight jeans are a classic women’s jean style which has a timeless appeal. Straight cut jeans look good on women of all body types and not just on skinny women.


Fit Jeans For Women

The fit of the jeans refers to the way the jeans sit on the butt and the thighs. Depending on the fit, jeans are classified as slim fit, stretch jeans or loose fit.

Slim Fit Jeans

Slim Fit Jeans For Women

These jeans hug the butt and the thighs tightly. These jeans look great on women with a curvaceous bottom.

Loose Fit Jeans

Loose Fit Jeans For Women

If you are looking for a pair of jeans which can ensure ease of movement opt for the loose fit jeans.

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Stretch Jeans

Stretch Jeans For Women

Stretch jeans look simply fabulous on any woman’s body. As the name indicates these jeans are designed to stretch easily over the thighs and the bottom. These jeans are designed to hide all the body flaws and give the wearer a flatter stomach, toned thighs and a tight butt.


This term basically refers to the way the jeans sit on the wearers waist. There are four rise options in women’s jeans and these are high rise, regular rise, low rise and super low rise jeans. The high rise jean sits just above the navel. Regular rise jean on the other hand sits just below the navel. Low rise is the name given to jeans which sits approximately three inches below the navel. The super low rise jeans sits a whopping five inches below the navel.

Rise Jeans For Women


Most jeans come with some type of ‘wash’ which is meant to lighten and loosen the jean material. Some popular ‘washes’ for women’s jeans include the acid wash, stone wash, dirty wash and vintage wash.

Wash Jeans For Women