11 Tips To Always Have Perfect Hairstyle

Tips To Always Have Perfect Hairstyle

A lot of women complain about not having the perfect hairstyle or their hair style getting spoilt too fast. The problem lies not in the style but the way that the hair is taken care of before and after the hair style is done. Remember that you have to ensure certain tips in mind so that you are able to score a perfect 10 on that hairstyle, without doing much fuss. Yes a bit of effort is needed, but that really counts for getting that perfect hairstyle.

These Are Tips To Always Have Perfect Hairstyle

Consider Your Hair Type

Before going for any kind of hairstyle, do consider you hair type. If you have very curly and frizzy hair and want to get a straightening done on a temporary basis, then remember that it will not last you very long. For doing this you have to ensure that extra care is taken for the same when you thin hair. You need to keep the right hair type in mind. Longer layers and steps work very well to add bounce and curls without frizz. Similarly, with straight hair, shorter layers and steps work better.

Shampoo The Hair Less Frequently

Shampooing Before Styling

Always make sure that you shampoo your hair before you go for any kind of styling. Having too much of oil in the hair or dirt in the hair will make the hair style go off much faster. It also means that whatever styling products that you choose, work better on the hair type also.

Use A Shampoo For Oily Hair

Avoid Serums Before Styling

Do not use any kind of hair serum before you style your hair. Doing so will make the hair softer and this tends to stop your hair from being set well. You should also avoid leave-in conditioners in this reference.

honey serum

Pick An Easy Hairstyle To Maintain

Always pick a hairstyle that is easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about too much fuss when it comes to hair styling. Something where you can tie your hair or even do a bun swoop with ease will give you the flexibility to style hair using different options.

Wispy Fringes On The Front With Messy Hairstyle

Use Hair Mousse And Sprays

Always use a hair mousse and spray after and during your hair styling. Doing so helps the hair to stay in place. Also, keep in mind that these should be sprayed from a distance to avoid too much contact with the scalp, else it will just spoil your hair.

Dry Shampoo

Use Hair Accessories

Always make use of hair accessories to retain that perfect hair style. For instance, if you have done a French bun then you should put in the right clips and holders to prevent them from slipping off. If you get a few lose strands, then keep some pins extra. For straighter and loose hair, keep a hair band handy so that you don’t let the hair get lose.

Use Hair Accessories

Use The Right Product After Styling

Always remember that for perfect hair, you need to use the right hair products. For instance, if you have straight hair but got a perm, then you have to use a frizzy hair or curly hair serum. Similarly, if you got your hair straight then you should use a straightening serum and keep it handy with you for maintaining that perfect look for a longer period.

Use The Right Product After Styling

Pick Hair Style As Per Season

Remember that some hair styles are season restrictive. In simple words, keeping perm hair open in the humid summer months would be just crazy. Your hair will get frizzier and curlier. During this time, you should keep hair tied or even lightly tied to get that perfect effect.

Pick Hair Style As Per Season

Take Natural Care of Hair

Natural care of hair should be taken in all situations. Whether you are planning to get a new hair style or up do. A few days before the styling make sure that you are oiling your hair and applying suitable masks and packs like egg and curd or even avocado masks for dry hair. This is vital because your hair undergoes damage during styling. Precautionary care in advance helps to retain shine and lustre of the hair during these periods.

Mayonnaise And Avocado Hair Masks

Using The Right Brush

Also use the right kind of brush during hair styling and post hair styling. For instance, if you had your hair styled straight, then use a thick hair brush that helps to bring down the frizziness. Similarly, use a broader brush, preferably wooden when you go it curled or permed.

Brush Your Hair

Avoid Fussing

Don’t touch your hair constantly. It just messes up your current style. What you should do is leave the hair and just give a touch up now and then. If a few strands do come off, don’t worry because it adds a natural finish to your hair, specially with styles like messy buns.

Avoid Fussing