11 Surprising Uses Of Baby Powder

11 Surprising Uses Of Baby Powder

11 Surprising Uses Of Baby Powder

Till day baby-powder had been used only to make baby’s skin soft and supple but now it crawls into your cabinet too!! Yes its true. This sweet fragrant white powder possesses great attributes, apart from just dusting your baby’s skin, which can be utilized in myriad ways for different house-hold hacks to blow your mind. Moreover, baby powder is less expensive and easy available hence you can use it as substitute for many expensive house hold stuffs to save your money yet with impressive outcome. So if you too are eager to know about different uses of baby powder, just read on.

Here Are The 11 Uses Of Baby Powder:

Use As A Dry Shampoo:

Baby powder can be used as chemical free dry shampoo. All you need to do is spray some amount of baby powder onto your hair-brush and brush your hair with it from root to tip. This powder will provide you same outcome as starch mixed dry shampoos do even just with a little bit. It not only banishes the oil and sweat from your scalp and add volume to your tresses but also provide a tempting aroma.

Use As A Dry Shampoo

Make Bed Sheet Cooler:

Hot and sticky bed sheets often steal you sound-sleep in hot summer nights. But don’t fret over it as here is your solution, just dust some amount of baby powder upon your bed sheet and in turns it will soak the sweat and give you a cooling effect to have perfect night sleep.

Make Bed Sheet Cooler

Eliminate Greasy Stains:

Upset with the oil stain on your favouritte tee? Or greasy stain on the carpet? Well the solution is in your hands. All you need to do is sprinkle some amount of baby powder on a cotton ball and rub it on the stain well for couple of minutes before normal washing. This act will not only diminish the ugly stain but also make clothes appear like new.

Eliminate Greasy Stains

Detangle Your Favouritte Jewelry:

Its quite heart-breaking for a girl when her favouritte piece of jewelry like necklace or bracelet gets tangled and you can’t detangle it or sometime end up in breaking it. But ladies cheer up as we give you a fantastic tip, just spread little amount of baby powder onto your jewelry. This will loosen the tangles up and help you to pull apart.

Detangle Your Favouritte Jewelry

Refresh Stinky Shoes:

Stinky shoes are not only an embarrassing problem but it also lands you up to a social isolation. However here is a simple trick to make your shoes smell better. Dust some amount of baby powder inside your shoes and leave it for overnight. This will definitely combat against the feet odour and keep your feet sweat free. Dump the powder out of the shoes in the morning and notice the difference.

Refresh Stinky Shoes

Set Your Make-up:

Ditch your usual expensive finishing powder for baby powder. As it will give you the same outcome of great lasting ability of the make up and that is even free of chemicals and at a lower price. Just swirl little amount of baby powder and you are done.

Set Your Make-up

Keep Off The Ants:

Baby powder can be a great alternative for those costly ant-killers. Ants and some other insects don’t like the fragrance of baby powder, hence dusting a line on the door of your kitchen or windows or in floor cracks will keep ants at bay from intruding into your house. This is also safe to use in the kitchen as its free from harmful chemicals.

Keep Off The Ants

Revive Old Books:

Lend new lives to those old, damp and molded books which were once your favourittes. At first leave them in the open air to dry out and then sprinkle little amount of baby powder in between the pages it will soak the dampness, eliminate molds and make your book look fresh.

Revive Old Books

Soothes Waxing Pain:

Bid good bye to waxing woes as baby powder here for rescue. Though waxing can be a great way to eliminate the unwanted hairs from your body to achieve a smooth skin. But it often leads excess pain and skin irritation so the trick is to sprinkle a little amount of baby powder over your skin before waxing. It will works as a layer between the skin and he wax and lessen the pain.

Soothes Waxing Pain

Work As A Deodorant:

Baby powder can even work as a deodorant, if normal deos give you skin irritation or you just realized your favouritte deo just had run out, you can use baby powder as a replacement. It preserves no harmful chemicals, soak sweats and make refreshed for longer time with it’s lovely scent.

Work as a Deodorant

Get Thicker Lash:

Want to get more intense eyes? Swirl little amount baby powder before you wear mascara. This will give your lashes a heavier look.

Get Thicker Lash