11 Natural Ways To Treat Baldness

Natural Ways To Treat Baldness

Baldness, Alopecia or Hair loss is a condition that signifies loss of hairs from body or head. Hair loss can be general in nature or can be because of androgenic miniaturization. 70 % of all men and around 40% of women suffer from hair loss at some point of time in their lives. In men, hair loss mostly occurs at the vertex of the head or at temples. In women hair loss occurs mostly at the scalp tops. Genes, hormones, age, metabolic disorders and other environmental causes give rise to the condition. There are many natural ways and herbs through which hair loss can be prevented, reduced and cured. These methods are natural or herbal in nature and hence have no side effects.

Here Are 11 Natural Remedies For Curing Hair Loss And Preventing It


Proteins are required to build and maintain all the cells of the body and are important for hair growth and maintenance as well. Protein rich foods are seeds, nuts, fish, eggs etc.


Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Other food substance efficient in improving hair and scalp health is Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Fish, eggs, butter, walnuts etc have good amounts of the fatty acids and provide for a healthier scalp and also reduce inflammation in it.


Well Balanced Diet

Apart from the above two, there are also other vitamins, minerals and food nutrients that pay important role in the maintenance of hair and scalp health. It is better to eat a range of vegetables and fruits each day. Other lean meats, legumes, whole grains etc are also good for hair and whole-body health and should be eaten in moderate amounts.

low carb diet


Anemia caused by deficiency of iron causes hair loss. If you have been tested for iron deficiency then you must eat foods that have more iron in them. Chicken/beef liver, sardines and other fish, spinach, lentils, beans etc are some iron rich food items for both vegans and non vegans. Apart from these, iron supplements can also be sued.


Biotin And Zinc

People who suffer from hair loss because they suffer from certain metabolic disorders need biotin and zinc to avoid abnormally thinner and more brittle hairs that fall easily. Eggs, almonds, peanuts, wheat bran, fat less cheese, salmon, avocados are some food items rich in biotin. Zinc is contained in food materials like milk, chicken breast, cheddar cheese, liver, lamb, oysters etc.


Stress Management

High amount of stress causes hormonal imbalances, hair loss, other unfavorable health conditions and diseases. Reduce your stress through a healthier lifestyle. Do meditation, deep breathing exercises and exercise for an hour regularly for lowering stress in life. Also eat stress relieving food items like green-leafy vegetables including spinach etc, fermented foods, dark chocolate, blueberries, turkey breast, oatmeal, yogurt, oranges, almonds etc.

Dark chocolate


Garlic is rich in sulfur and its extracts are used in herbal hair improvements tonics. To treat hair loss with sulfur-rich garlic, crush some garlic cloves and add coconut oil to them. Boil this mixture for some time. When it cools, apply it on your scalp and message gently. Let the nourishment pour deep into the hair follicles for around 30 minutes and then wash hair. You can do this process 2 times every week.



The herb has been used since ages for hair improvement. Henna strengthens the roots or follicles of hair and also conditions the hair. To treat your hair loss condition with henna, mix around 50 g of henna leaves in 200 ml of mustard oil. Boil the whole mixture until the leaves start to burn. Let the oil cool and then filter it. Apply the oil on your scalp daily for getting benefits faster.

In Case Of Premature Graying Of Hair-Henna And Amla ( Indian Gooseberry)

Onion Juice

Onion juice also has sulfur that provides for hair growth and also increases production of collagen. Collagen protein is the main component of the connective tissues of hair. Apply the juice of onion on your scalp for 20 minutes 2 times a week.

Onion Juice


The essential oils, proteins and minerals found in coconut provide for hair strength enhancement. Coconut oils also have iron and potassium for reducing hair breakage and provide for hair their longevity and health. Apply warm coconut oil to the scalp and message gently 2 to 3 times a day for shiny and strengthened hairs.

coconut oil


Shoe flower or Hibiscus provides for nourishment of hair and also prevents its premature graying. The herb is also highly efficient in controlling hair loss and dandruff removal. Dandruff, when untreated, causes thinning and weakening of hair that fall prematurely.


To treat your Alopecia with the herb, crush some flowers of the Shoe Flower/Hibiscus herb and mix in Coconut Oil/Seasame so that you get a paste. Apply the paste to your scalp and leave it to dry for some hours (2 or 3). Later rinse with water and use a mild shampoo for cleaning your hair.