11 Hair Care Tips In Summer

Hair Care Tips In Summer

One of the most daunting tasks during summers is maintaining good health of skin and hairs. You can take care of skin by wearing clothes and applying sunscreen lotions, but what about hairs? Many people don’t get worried about it and later they experience sudden hair fall. If you don’t want to be one of those people follow some effective hair care tips mentioned below.

These Are Hair Care Tips In Summer

Wear A Hat Or Use A Scarf

Our head is exposed directly to the sun, whenever we walk out of home. You may like sun rays during winters, but it becomes quite harmful during summer days. It is your job to avoid direct exposure of your hairs to the sun. You should wear a hat or scarf, which prevents your hairs from drying out. Thus, moisture will remain in your hair and a hat will also prevent your face from sunburn.

Wear hats

Use Conditioner After Shampoo

Don’t be a part of the mob, which believe in using only shampoo. Be one of those individuals, which prefer using a conditioner after applying shampoo on their hairs. Shampoo contains many chemicals, which dry out hairs and thus hair breakage occurs. If you apply conditioner after doing shampoo, it maintains the moisture of hairs and prevents hair breakage during summers.

Hair conditioner

Prefer Loose Hair Styles

Lose hairstyles are the best during summers. Many hair experts agree to this fact, but you must know why. Our hairs easily get dried out during summers. Thus, the chances of hair breakage increases and that’s not good for denser and fuller looking hairs. You can prevent hair breakage by doing looser and comfortable hair styles.

Voluminous Curly Haircut

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Sulfate is mixed in many shampoos to increase their capability of producing foam. Sulfate is good for foam, but not for hairs. It dries hairs and weakens them. Always use sulfate free shampoo during the summers so that your hairs can remain moisturized and strong.

Switching Shampoos

Avoid Coloring The Hairs During Summers

Hair color contain many chemicals, which can damage your hairs very badly during summer days. You should avoid using hair colors or any product that contains harmful chemicals. You can use home remedies to avoid hair breakage and improve better health of hairs. Color your hairs at least before two months of summer so that sun rays can’t affect your hairs.

Colored Spikey Hairstyle

Use A Hat Or Silicon Before Jumping In The Pool

Chlorine mixed water is used in the pools and people love to swim during summer days. If you are also one of those individuals, then protect your hairs from direct contact with chlorine. Apply silicon over your hairs or use a hat before jumping in the pool. Thus, your hairs will be protected from damage.

Swimming Increases Flexibility, Posture And Balance

Wash Only Twice Or Thrice In A Week

If you don’t want to get extra oil in your hair, avoid washing your hairs every day. If you wash hairs every day, scalp, releases extra oil because of which the hairs seem quite oily. In such situation people think to wash their hair again and again. It is why you should wash your hairs twice or thrice in a week. It is necessary to do so that your hairs can soak less chlorine.

Use Of Fingers While Washing Hair

Drink Enough Water

Dehydration is neither good for skin, nor for hairs. Many hair care experts and skin specialists are agreeing to this fact. If you drink 8-10 glass water in a day, your hairs will remain moisturized and shiny.

Drink Lots Of Water

Brush Your Hair

Brushing is quite essential for hair. Men often use their hands for styling their hair and avoid brushing. It results in kinky and uneven hairs. Do not be careless because brushing is also useful to maintain blood circulation in the scalp. Experts say that you should brush your hairs at least thrice in a day to maintain good strength and good style of hairs.

Brush Your Hair

Do Not Use Hair Dryers

Whether it is summer or any other season, hair dryer is not a good choice to dry out hairs. Dryers pull complete moisture of hairs and dry them. Dry hairs become weaker and get damaged quite easily. Probably you would not like to let it happen. Let your hairs dry in natural air. Because the temperature remains quite higher during summer days, your hairs will get dried quite quickly.

Do Not Use Hair Dryers

Hot Oil Massage

Do not forget to get a hot oil hair massage during summer days. You can use coconut oil or olive oil for the hot massage and then leave your hairs as at ease for 30 minutes. This massage is quite helpful because thus your hairs will get moisturized and nourished.

Olive Oil Massage For Dry Hair