11 Foods That Can Seriously Challenge Your Metabolism

Foods That Can Seriously Challenge Your Metabolism

Our body processes run at a particular rate which what we know as the basal metabolic rate in simple words. It is the average of the destructive and formative processes that take place in our body. An optimum rate of metabolism is what all we need to maintain a healthy body. Thyroid is one of the important glands in our body which controls metabolism by regulating the levels of thyroid hormone in the body. But there are many other ways by which this regulation can be controlled, the simplest of things are the foods and drinks that we take on a regular basis.

Here are eleven of the most effective metabolism boosters which help to keep our metabolism under control


Both green and red chillies are known to rev up a slow metabolism. They irritate the intestinal mucosa and make your body work harder to neutralize their strong action. Green chillies are any time better if you have problems like gastritis or piles.
Spice up your dishes with Red or green chillies to get a hot flavour and a faster metabolism.


Green Tea

Green tea seems to be the solution to every health problem these days. And why not? It is loaded with so many health friendly compounds that it should be a part of every individual’s diet. A cup or two of freshly brewed green tea is enough to energize your metabolism and refresh your mood also.

Taking Care Of Oily Skin With Green Tea

Black Coffee

We know you absolutely cherish you favourite latte and would not give it up come what may. But, no one is telling you to do so either, just a small modification and you can turn your favourite coffee into an ultimate health drink. Coffee boosts metabolism and with a little practice you can easily develop a taste for that milk and sugar free black hot cuppa coffee.

brew the coffee

Golden Apple

Apple is one of those fruits that can make you feel hungry soon after you have had a good taste of it. Apple boosts metabolism like no other fruit, and golden apple variety is one you can enjoy for its delicious flavour that has a sour punch in addition to its great effect on the metabolism. Indeed, an apple a day keeps slow metabolism away. Bad one, but it really does.

Golden Apple

Egg Whites

They are one of the healthiest sources of proteins and with yellow part removed you have your low calorie economical diet ready. Include egg whites as part of your daily meals, they are not only delicious but take your metabolism on a ride as well.

Egg white


Proteins are good for the Liver and Liver is the boss when it comes to a strong and active metabolism. Consume fish on a regular basis, especially fresh and white fishes which are an absolute delight for all fish lovers and your metabolism wouldn’t mind it either.

Fatty Fish

Whole Grains

Ever wondered why whole grains are so much in demand these days? It because they are slow to digest and make your metabolism work extra harder boosting its overall performance. Given the surging rise of the metabolic disorders like Diabetes, hypertension, hyperthyroidism etc.. it’s very important for each one of us to take care of what we eat so that we can effectively escape similar problems.

Whole Grain and Non -Processed Foods

Milk Calcium

Calcium is an important mineral for health especially when it comes to the management of healthy metabolism. It is also advised to consume natural calcium sources instead of jumping on to common supplements available over the counter. Oranges, bananas are also other sources of natural calcium which should not be ignored.



Yes, water is a metabolism booster and why not? It is the most important drink which keeps us hydrated throughout life. It is the single most harmless thing in the world, unless used otherwise. Drinking water keeps your body working and the more you drink the more detoxification, your body will perform. So, what else do you need on a regular basis? It’s cheap, easily available and you do not need to develop a taste for it, right.

Bottled Water

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the healthiest natural vinegars that is becoming very popular among the masses. A teaspoonful of it diluted in a glass of water can be enjoyed twice daily to get that desired boost to a slow metabolism which you may have genetically acquired. It is a great detoxifying drink and boosts the metabolism to suit your body’s demands.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Lastly, the fruit that is ultimate for solving all kinds of digestive problems. Papain present in Papaya is good to keep a fit digestion and boosts protein and fat metabolism which are the two most badly hit macro nutrients from a sluggish metabolism. A lot of problems develop from a slow metabolism and this is just the right fruit for you if you are troubled with similar problems.

Raw Papaya