10 Ways To Teach Kids To Be Eco Friendly

Teach Kids To Be Eco friendly

Teach Kids To Be Eco friendly Teaching kids values of the world is necessary for every parent. We want our children to grow up to be economically friendly, in such an apathetic and uninterested world, we do not want our children, who are the coming generation, to watch the world rot like this and end up losing all the natural resources they could have cherished. We should work towards making our children eco friendly, and I have listen down some methods for the same.

Ways To Teach Kids To Be Eco Friendly

Become Eco-Friendly

To raise your child in an Eco-friendly manner you first and foremost need to jump into the suit yourself. If parents are not Eco-friendly their children are hardly any different. Your child looks up to you, hence, take up the task yourself and let your child learn from you.

Story Time

The most effective methods to teach your child about the world is to show him/her movies related to the environment and the world. And, also read him/her stories that he/she could learn from. Get movies like, ‘The Simpsons Movie’, etc. You can even read to your young child stories that factor environmental issues. One good book you can consider is ‘The Waterhole’ by Graeme Base.

Story Time

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Fun Trips

When your child is growing up he/she wants to know more about the things around him/her. You can take fun trips to the zoo or science museums where he/she can learn and understand the animals and how nature functions.


Get you child to volunteer for any environmental activity organized by school clubs and groups. Your child may not initially like it but this would help the child contribute a helping hand. Moreover, after making friends in the group, he/she would grow to like it.

Volunteer Activity

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Home Front

Focus on the activities done on a daily routine at home to give your child insight about the environment. For instance, instead of going to the laundry dry your clothes out in the garden or up on the roof. Ask for your child’s help to hang your clothes so he/she learns how the sun and wind helps dry the clothes. Again, you can set up a recycle bin in your kid’s room, etc.

Get Active

Get your child to collect and preserve natural form of water like rain water. Teach him/her about things that can be recycled and get him/her to put things into the recycle bin and carry it along with you to the recycle center.


Your child can learn while having fun with adventurous activities. Take your kid for hiking or camping in the forest. Let him/her understand how the environment helps us survive.

Learn While Having Fun

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You can try having your own garden to get your child to help around with gardening and understanding plants and animals that you put up in the garden.


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Nature At Its Best

You can take your child to visit places that are adored with natural beauty. Show them how beautiful nature is and make him/her understand the importance of the preservation of the environment. This would give your child a better understanding of the world and how he/she can help preserve what he/she sees.


Take your kid shopping with to the organic market. Avoid going to super markets, take your kids to the market where you can buy organic food items. This should be done to make your child understand how the family engages in such habits.

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