10 Ways To Stay Away From Insects

10 Ways To Stay Away From Insects Insects are everywhere. Starting from the kitchen, till the garden. This article will help everyone to get rid of insects found anywhere. 

10 Ways To Stay Away From Insects

1) Ants are as such not very harmful insects. But if you have a patient at home, ants can very well spread the disease elsewhere. Wherever you see ants, rub it off with a cloth soaked in soap water. Identify the inlet point of the ants and outline with some Kerosene or Petroleum jelly. If these tricks do not work well, pour in some boiling hot water in the ant holes.

2) Bed bugs are such a big trouble. though they are called bed bugs but they are found everywhere. Such as in cloths, bags, beds etc. It causes redness and rashes in our skin. If there is a gap or slit in the furnitures, close/ seal it with pudding or white cement. Do not keep your beds attached to the walls.You can opt for metal stands around the cot legs. If not , possible coat with some petroleum jelly. This will stop the insects to climb the bed. Clean up the mattress once in while. Keep it out in the sunlight for 2-3 days. All these methods will help to reduce the bug problem.

3) In carpets and cloths, there is a kind of insect seen that is called beetles bug. These bug absolutely destroy your carpets and cloths. Vaccum clean your carpets regularly. Do not forget to wash and clean the vaccum bag after you are done with the cleaning. If you do not, it will again promote insect/ bug growth in the house.

4) Moth like insect infested cloths and silk materials very hard to be treated. It happens when there is too much of sweat in the cloths or if there is food/ drink spill on the cloth and store these without washing. Before you store the cloths with Naphthalene balls; do not forget to dry clean them. If you still see such insect in the wardrobe immediately remove all the cloths in there. Wash evething in warm detergent water immediately.

5) Cockroaches love to inhabit in the cold, dark and damp places. You can pour in some boiling hot soap water or spray some readily available instect killers in the market. To catch them coat a piece of bread with petroleum jelly and put it in a jam bottle. So the Cockroach cannot come out of the jam bottle once it gets inside.
6) Do not ever keep cut vegetables or fruits in an open container. For the same reason do not store ripe or spoiled vegetables or fruits in the open container.

7) To reduce the number of rats in the house, take the help of appropriate Rat traps or rat killer poison. Always wear gloves while handling these.

8 ) There is a certain kind of insect very commonly seen in the gardens, which are good for the plants but might cause allergy to the humans. You can make a excellent trap for them. Take a glass jam bottle half filled and add water to the rest. Mix well. Close the inlet of the bottle with a round piece of plain paper. Make a hole in the middle of the paper. The insects will enter the jam bottle but will be unable to leave anymore. If you have such insects at home please call the pest control immediately.

9) Keep your garden nice and clean to avoid much insect infestation. Do not pile up spoilt leaves for too long. Always close the dustbin with a proper lid. Do not plant too much of trees in the garden. It reduces the flow of air and thus makes the place more moist and damp, which promotes insect growth. Keep on changing the pattern or position of planting trees. Try some new kind of plants too.This helps to reduce more insect growth during that particular season. For example, Mint and Fennel plants are more prone to insects where as Marigold plants repel insects. This kind of crop rotation will help the soil to become more fertile too.

10) Try to use biological insecticides like Pepper, Lemon, Green Chili and Neem. These are good for soil as well as the plants. To reduce insects inhabiting in books, keep Neem leaves in between the pages.

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