10 Ways To Boost Metabolism Naturally

10 Ways To Boost Metabolism Naturally

The metabolism rate of your body is the energy that is spends per unit of time white at rest. It is also called as Basal Metabolic Rate. the energy that is spend during the rest period is used in vital life processes like circulation of blood, breathing, control of body temperature, muscle contraction and nervous and brain functioning. Around 70% of energy or calories burnt every day are consumed during resting and normal-living time period (the period does not includes the exercise periods) and is accounted by the metabolic rate.
BMR is influenced by many factors. If the body has more muscles and less fat, then the metabolic rate will be higher as the muscles will burn more energy during the day for their maintenance and upkeep. With age the lean body mass decreases along with the BMR. Other factors that affect BMR negatively include certain foods and beverages, stress and illnesses among others. There are many ways that provide for a better and faster BMR. You should follow these measures in order to have a faster BMR and for preventing diseases like diabetes and cancer among others.

Here Are 10 Ways To Boost Metabolism Naturally:

Strength Training

Strength training increases the body’s lean muscle mass and provides for high BMR. By doing only 2 sessions of strength training exercises every week, you can improve your BMR and reduce the slowing of BMR with age by around 50%.’

high intensity workouts

Have Rigorous Exercise Schedules

It is important to have more rigorous time periods during exercising. Rigorous exercise time periods will provide more oxygen to your cellular mitochondria and they will be able burn more energy during the conduction of metabolic processes. The mitochondria will also have improved performance. For example if you walk, then do the walk at around 3.5 mph for a period of 5 minutes and then increase to higher speed, say 4mph for around 60 seconds. Then return to the normal peed. The same holds true when you swim and the fractional increased energy spending time periods have a hugely beneficial impact on your BMR.

A Fun Way to Exercise

Green Tea

Green tea has many beneficial substances and natural ingredients that improve the BMR. The polyphenols (antioxidants) contained in the green tea reduce the incidences of many different diseases including cancer. Catechin, a substance found in green tea improves your BMR and helps you burn more energy during the day. By drinking around 5 cups of 8 ounce green tea every day, you can increase your energy expenditure by around 80 to 90 calories every day.

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Consume Foods Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Fish like tuna, salmon and herring are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Vegetable sources of omega 3 fats include canola oil, flaxseed oil and walnuts. The health beneficial fats have a positive impact on BMR as they reduce cellular inflammation and balance blood sugar that that slows down BMR.

Omega 3 Rich Food Items

Do Not Diet Excessively

When you diet excessively, you create energy deficiency in your body and are more prone to suffer from lower metabolic rate. The trick is to eat enough so that your resting BMR is not greatly influenced. A feet 5 inch 40 year old woman who weighs around 150 pounds should consume at-least 1330 calories so that her BMR is not adversely affected.

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Start Your Day Early

It is important that you exercise early during the day. Also you must also eat your breakfast everyday early in the morning. The two steps will contribute positively towards your BMR. Try to include berries, almonds, spinach and other vegetables and fruits in your diet to have a faster BMR.

Start Your Day Early

Have A 6 Course Meal

If you eat several times a day, your BMR remains high and you are able to burn more energy during the day. Eat 6 small portions of food during the day and the calories count of the individual meals should not exceed 300 calories. This kind of eating pattern also has a beneficial impact on your sugar level and you are able to resist the insulin spikes and frequent hunger pangs better that may cause diabetes.

Diet Changes

Cut Down On Trans Fat

Trans fat is contained in all kinds of fried foods and processed and packaged cakes, cookies, crackers and coffee creams. Though they make the food taste good, the fats are dangerous for your body. Trans-fat intake causes inflammation and cerates insulin resistance inside the body. This leads to lower BMR, lower metabolism rate and causes obesity. Avoid eating foods that contain tarns -fat for a better BMR and body health.

sugar foods

Eat Organic Foods

Vegetables, fruits and whole grains that are grown without the use of fertilizers are better for the body and keep your BMR high. They do not have toxins that are bad for the thyroid gland. Thyroid gland has an important role to pay in your BMR and the toxin laden in-organic food products create an adverse health impact on body and cause thyroid malfunctioning, thereby causing higher BMR and other diseases.

organic foods

Eat More Proteins

Protein rich foods like soya foods, eggs, pulses and lentils among others give you a feeling of satiation and improve your BMR. The body needs more time to burn proteins. Try to eat proteins from vegetarian sources that are also rich in fiber content and provide for weight loss and extended satiation time periods while having a beneficial impact on digestive system.


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