10 Ways To Avoid Child Bed Wetting

Ways To Avoid Child Bed Wetting

It is a very common practice for children upto the age of 5 to wet the bed during nighttime. Bed-wetting is a habit which is formed during childhood and stops as the child grows up. But it is still a problem that has to be dealt with by the parents.

There are various ways by which one can avoid this problem. Medical treatment is available for this disorder which may consist of pills and medicine which are prescribed by the doctor. But one can opt for the natural remedies which can prove to be quite effective in the longer run.

Ways To Avoid Child Bed Wetting

10 Ways To Avoid Child Bed Wetting

1) A piece of celery along with water which contains 5 to 6 drops of Valerian extract can do wonders to the problem of bed-wetting. This has to be taken two hours before going to bed.

Celery has properties of strengthening the kidney and bladder as well as regulating salts in the body. Celery also acts as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant which helps to remove the unwanted toxins which causes bed-wetting. Valerian root, on the other hand, is an herb which calms the nerves inducing proper sleep.

2) Avoid giving any intake of liquid to the child before going to bed. Liquids can put pressure on the bowels of the child leading to bed-wetting.

3) Another method of avoiding child bed-wetting is to give him Cranberry juice each morning before breakfast. Cranberry has a natural tendency to strength kidney and renal functioning.

4) Walking improves the circulation in the body and keeps the body healthy. As such a walk of 20-30 minutes each day with the child can be an ideal remedy to avoid the child from wetting the bed.

5) Apple Cider Vinegar is another home remedy that can be tried out. Mix Vinegar (2 tbsp.) with water and let the child consume it along with each meal. Vinegar is alkaline and as such reduces the acidic content and thus helps in reducing the urge to urinate.

Ways To Avoid Child Bed Wetting

6) Understanding the problems related to bed-wetting can bring about a positive response from the child. For this a visit to the Pediatrician is required.

Bed-wetting may be due to some family problems or hereditary factors, or some disorder in the child’s bodily functions. A medical opinion in this should be invited.

7) Many foods such as chocolate, soda pop, cooked vegetables or cocoa are the perfect foods which triggers out the urinary bladder. These foods are high in fats, sugar and spices which causes the renal system to overload and trigger off the urinary bladder. Avoid high intake of such foods.

8 ) Make a routine of the bedtime. The child should be put to bed and woken up at the right time each day. This routine ensures that the child has a sound and undisturbed sleep which may help to avoid bed-wetting. Also make sure that the child is not disturbed by sounds or light effects during his sleep.

9) Let it be a habit with the child to go to the toilet when he feels the urge. It has been seen that bed-wetting habits are formed mostly due to laziness. Habit formation at an early age can reduce the bed-wetting chances as the child gets up by himself to go to the toilet in the night.

Ways To Avoid Child Bed Wetting

10) Lastly, a system of rewards can also be followed by the parents. For each time the child goes to the toilet by himself and does not wet the bed, he can be rewarded some points or given gifts as a token of appreciation. This will help the child instill a habit of not wetting the bed.

Along with the above mentioned ways for avoid bed-wetting, certain other ways like bed-wetting alarm or chiropractic adjustment can be tried out.