10 Tips To Get Long Hair

Tips To Get Long Hair

There are not only girls, who love to have long hairs. Many boys also try their best to get stronger and longer hairs, but unfortunately they do not meet their demands. It happens because people don’t take proper care of their hairs. They eat anything that they love and use many harmful hair care products, which damage hairs badly. Getting longer and stronger hairs is not a very tough task, but it seeks proper care of hairs and a proper diet. If you want to have thicker and longer hairs, here we can help you in knowing how to get long hair. Follow below given ways for it.

These Are Tips To Get Long Hair

Use A Hair Mask

Split ends become a big barrier in growing longer hairs. Many ladies prefer to trim their hair so that their hairs can grow longer without split ends. Well, trimming is not a good solution, but using a hair mask is probably the best solution. You have to take 2 egg yolks in a bowl with 2tbsp honey and vodka with extra virgin olive oil. Now mix the solution effectively and then apply it over your scalp. Cover it with processing cap and leave it for 30minutes. Rinse your hairs and you will get shiny looking stronger hairs.

Use Papaya Mask For Your Dry Hair

Go For Regular Trimming

It may seem a strange suggestion, but it is necessary to trim hairs after several days so that hairs can grow better. Visit a hair specialist and ask him about the right time interval to cut the hairs.

Avoid Short Hair Cuts

Take Healthy Diet

If you are one of those individuals, which do not eat properly because they don’t get time to cook healthy food, you should take care of your diet. Include all those ingredients, which contain vitamins, proteins and essential minerals. These nutrients play a vital role in maintaining good health of hairs. If you eat properly, your hairs will get good proper nutrition to grow faster and longer.

Healthy diet

Brush At Least Three Times In A Day

Some people use their hands and fingers for styling their hair, but for longer and stronger hairs properly brushing is important. You should brush at least three times in a day. It is necessary to brush the hairs at least three times in a day so that your hairs can be knot free. Brushing is also necessary for blood circulation in the scalp. So follow this suggestion, if you want healthy scalp and longer hairs.

Hair Brushes

Use Castor Oil

Do you know castor oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids like omega-9 fatty acids? These compounds present in castor oil help in quick growth of hairs and nourish them preciously. By the way, do not think to apply only castor oil to your hairs. It is quite sticky and it can create problems. Mix it with coconut oil and then massage your scalp with this oil. Massage at least three times in a week to get positive results quickly.

Spoon Full Of Castor Oil

Avoid Harmful Hair Care Products

Nowadays it is in fashion to use hair care products, which are prepared by using harmful chemicals and compounds like sulfate. Avoid using these products and go natural. Always check the ingredients before using any hair oil, shampoo or conditioner. It is how you can promote good growth of your hairs.

Harmful Hair Care Products

Deep Condition Once In A Week

Scalp massage is a good way of maintaining good blood circulation towards scalp. You should take scalp massage at least once in a week. If it is not possible, then deep condition your hairs once in a week. Apply conditioner after bath and rub it over the scalp for five minutes. Now wash your hairs and repeat this process every week.

Get Your Hair Conditioned

Take Care Of Hair During Night Time

You may be wondering that how is it possible to take care of hairs during sleep. It is possible and it is quite helpful is growing hairs longer. You should not sleep with a tight ponytail in the night and avoid sleeping on a normal cotton pillow. Use silk pillow cover so that there will be fewer fractions below your scalp.


Flip Your Hair Up And Down

Many people are agreed that by flipping hairs up and down, you can increase the length and growth of hairs. It increases blood circulation in the scalp and makes hair longer.

Flip Your Hair Up And Down

Wash Your Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is used to remove dirt, pollution and grime from the scalp. You should also apply it to your scalp and then rinse hairs with cold water to get larger benefits.

Wash Your Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar