10 Tips To Enhance Calcium Intake

Tips To Enhance Calcium Intake

Calcium is vital for the health of bones and teeth. Calcium also plays an important role in the functioning of muscle and nerve tissues as well as in the general health. This article focuses on certain tips that can help you to eat more calcium.

These Are Tips To Enhance Calcium Intake

Dairy Products

It is important to include dairy products in your daily diet. You can choose to take any one from milk, cheese, yoghurt or milk based custard.

Dairy Products
Leafy Green Vegetables

At least one serving of cabbage or broccoli or spinach has to be included in your lunch and dinner every day. Leafy vegetables have more calcium with low calories.

Green vegetables


Fish supplements more calcium every day. You can eat more fresh fish. If you are not in the reach of fresh fish, it is better to opt for tinned fish, salmon or sardines.

Eat fish

Eating Tofu And Tempeh

The saturated fat in the meat can be avoided by replacing the meat in the meals with Tofu and Tempeh. This change can be easily enjoyed by the family and it will be a healthy change.

Eating Tofu And Tempeh

Eating Snacks Rich In Calcium

Keeping a container that consists of nuts and seeds such as Brazil nuts or almonds at home would help you a lot with calcium supplementation. Eating a few nuts every day as a daily snack would help you to increase calcium levels.


Reduce Caffeine, Alcohol And Soft Drinks Intake

Caffeine, alcohol and soft drinks are bad at helping calcium absorption. Hence, they have to be avoided to the maximum possible extent.

Avoid alcohol

Sesame Seeds

It is good to include sesame seeds and their powder in all the curries and vegetable salads to supplement natural calcium into the body. Sesame seeds are rich in calcium.

Sesame seed

Include Calcium Fortified Foods In Breakfast

Some breads, fruit juices and cereals can be taken as part of the breakfast as many of them include calcium as one of their ingredients.

Fortified Cereals

Educate Children About The Calcium Importance In The Diet

If children prefer to take soy milk, it is good to check whether the product they are taking is fortified with calcium. You should motivate children to take cheese and yogurt.

Curd And Yogurt

Products For Lactose Intolerant People

There are lactose free cheese and yogurt available in the market for the people who are allergenic to lactose in the dairy products. These also can provide calcium.

Products For Lactose Intolerant People