10 Tips For Working Parents

Tips For Working Parents

A working parent is constantly juggling between baby care, household work etc. Once you become a parent it really becomes a task to manage things. If both the parents have decided to work after the baby, a lot of planning and management is required. It is essential to give priority and attention to your baby as well as other work.

Here Are Few Tips Which Will Help You In Managing Your Life With A Baby Around

Work Life Balance

Resuming work after the baby’s birth becomes quite a task. First of all you are concerned about your kid in your absence; secondly you are joining work after a break which means you have a dump of pending work at work station too. It is also important that you don’t leave a negative impression at your work place by just not performing your duties properly. Hence, a perfect blend of both, a balance between work and home is required. Both cannot be avoided and you have to decide how you plan to balance both smoothly.

work life balance

Time Management

It is obvious you will have number of things to do. Staying worried or confused will not help; rather managing your time efficiently will help. For example if you go out for some work, try finishing grocery shopping, bank works at one go. No need of heading out again and again. Also, you can plan for the next day at night itself, for example decide on your office clothes, next day’s menu etc. a night before to avoid any morning chaos.

time management

Make A To Do List

In order to plan your day efficiently this works the best; make a to-do-list in the morning itself. This will organize your day and organize your mind. You will be clear what is to be done in the entire day and this prevents anxious thoughts from wandering in your mind. You stop worrying about things like; whether you are forgetting any important work or an important phone call to make. Your tasks for the day are on the paper and your day is sorted.

Make A To Do List

Prioritizing Tasks

You know you have tonnes to do; and at times it is not possible to do everything. Therefore, learn to prioritize things. In this approach you can do the less important things the next day. It is ok if you let go at times; you just can’t be perfect always.

Prioritizing Tasks

Utilize Weekends

You can leave some not so important things for the weekend. However, make sure you reserve some exclusive baby time on weekends. You might want to do some activity with the baby, take your child out for a day picnic and if nothing just spend time cuddling and bonding with your kid.

Utilize Weekends

Balance Every Week

Make a habit of this practice, whatever things are left half way or incomplete in the entire week; make a note of it and make sure you finish them in that particular week itself. This de-clutters your mind and keeps you fresh and prepared for the next coming week. Keeping a burden of incomplete tasks will really bother you in the long run; leaving you literally confused and loaded with work.

Balance Every Week

Outsource Things, Avoid Multitasking

The jobs that are not so important like cleaning or maybe cooking every meal of the day can be outsourced. Hire a maid or helper for respective things, train them well as per your needs so that you can focus on things which are actually important and need your undivided attention. Also at the point in life don’t shy from asking help. It’s nothing wrong in distributing work amongst family members; this will make your life lot better and easier. Multi tasking should be kept reserved for times when it is really required.

Avoid multitasking

Keep Work And Home Separately, Don’t Mix

While at work stop worrying about your baby and household chores and similarly don’t bring your work home. If possible avoid taking official calls while you are home. The more you keep them apart, more will it keep your life sorted and organised.

office tension at home

Give Importance To Your Partner As Well

In this juggling and chaos, make sure you don’t ignore your partner. Find out some quality time for each other and keep the love and chemistry alive.

Give Importance To Your Partner

Take Care Of Your Health And Diet

The most important part is you health. If God forbid, the main pillar weakens imagine what the condition will be. It is very important that you being the manager of your house and work must take care of your diet and nutrition and stay healthy. Only when you are fit and healthy, you will manage this constant juggling.

Make Exercise Fun

Managing your baby and work is a very difficult task and it requires lot of effort and planning. Parents are the first role models for every kid and they tend to follow their parents. By efficiently managing this phase you can set a live example in front of your kids. It is rightly said that, “Parents are the first role models a child has.”