10 Things To Know About First Trimester

First Trimester

First Trimester The first trimester of pregnancy is a time of questions for most mothers-to-be, especially first-time moms. So here we will look into a few aspects associated with it, i.e., week 0 to week 13.

Pregnancy Tips In First Trimester

First Pre-natal Visit

In an ideal situation, the first pre-natal visit should have occurred 2-3 months before conceiving. As soon as you decide to have a baby, choose a doctor and pay a visit. The doctor will do routine check up and prescribe multivitamins including folates, essential for baby’s development. The doctor will also advise you to take a balanced diet, exercise regularly and avoid stress.

When you make your visit to the doctor after conceiving, you are already 5-6 weeks along your pregnancy. The doctor will continue your folates and take your and your partner’s detailed medical history.

Expected Date Of Your Baby’s Arrival

The doctor will calculate and tell you the expected delivery date. Now it’s up to you whether you want to tell your friends and family the exact date or the roundabout time. After all, no body has told the baby when he/she should come, so he/she will come at his/her own sweet time!!

Don’t Take Medication Unless Prescribed by Doctor

Most medicines, even common ones for cough and cold or headache, might not be safe for you during pregnancy. So take medication only after being prescribed by your doctor. If you need to visit any other doctor except your gynecologist, tell him you are pregnant.

Vaginal Bleeding/ Cramps

First Trimester

A bit of vaginal bleeding or spotting is not uncommon during first trimester, especially around usual period dates. Many women experience mild cramps as well. That’s okay too. But if you experience vaginal bleeding with cramps, consult your doctor immediately.

Take A Balanced Diet

You need to take an additional 300-400 calories right now. Take balanced diet and include each food type in your daily intake. Drink lots of fluids and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Nausea And Vomiting

Most women experience nausea and vomiting during the first trimester. First try traditional remedies like ginger biscuits and lemon juice. If that doesn’t help, ask your doctor for medication.

Fatigue Creeps In

First Trimester

Most women feel tired all day long during the first three months of pregnancy. Try to take rest after every 2-3 hrs. Go to bed earlier than usual and get up a bit late. If you can, afternoon siesta is not a bad idea.

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Regular Exercises

Exercise is necessary to keep you fit and energized. You can do mild exercises like walking, swimming or yoga. Take care not to tire or overheat yourself. Keep drinking lots of fluids in between. Keep your doctor informed about your exercise regimen.

Take Care Of Your Back

Your back takes lots of stress during pregnancy in carrying the baby. So you must start taking its care from the beginning itself. Don’t lift heavy objects. If you have to lift, don’t bend. Instead, sit on your feet and pick up with both hands. If you have a toddler to take care of, sit and ask her to climb onto your lap instead of picking her up.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is the most obvious issue when it comes to pregnancy. Ideally, an average woman should gain 3-4 kgs in the first trimester. You will gain more weight later, but remember it is for a good cause!!

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