10 Telltale Signs Of Depression You Should Be Aware Of

Signs Of Depression You Should Be Aware Of

Everyone goes through low phases in life. Just as life has its ups and downs so do our feelings. While it is perfectly normal to feel out of sorts every once in a while, if this low feeling persists over longer periods of time, it probably means that you are depressed and should get help soon. Depression, if left undiagnosed and untreated can destroy your life and your loved ones’.

Here Are Ten Telltale Signs Of Depression That You Should Watch Out For

1. Loss Of Appetite Or Excessive Eating

An early sign of depression is a drastic change in appetite where the patient either suffers from an acute lack of appetite or indulges in bouts of binge eating. Either situation leads to a visible change in body weight, causing them to shed or put on five to ten pounds within a month.

Weight Loss And Increased Appetite

2. Frequent Mood Swings

Mood swings are common occurrences that can affect us from time to time. However, an increased frequency of mood swings is often an early sign of depression. Usually, the patient oscillates between feelings of euphoria to complete resignation and despondency. This is also an early symptom of bipolar disorder- a serious mental ailment that requires immediate attention. People suffering from depression also experience increased stress levels which can lead to panic attacks.

Release Accumulated Stress

3. Change In Sleep Pattern

People suffering from depression are often prone to sleeping long hours during the day or being unable to sleep at all, thus suffering from acute insomnia. Both conditions should be observed as unusual breaks from daily routine and a telltale sign that something’s wrong.


4. Boredom  In Daily Life

People who are depressed are usually disinterested in daily life and day to day activities like shopping and household chores. They appear to be in their own world, cut off from the present. This is also the reason why people suffering from depression have little desire for company, preferring to be on their own.


5. Substance Abuse

Depression is very often the cause of substance abuse. Patients, feeling helpless to deal with their problems often find solace in alcohol or drugs. Frequent and binge drinking is a telltale sign of depression. While it offers a temporary relief for the patient, the aftermath is almost always twice as negative.


6. Low Concentration levels

Patients suffering from depression often appear distracted and find it hard to participate in any conversation. This is because they suffer from low concentration levels and an inability to remain focused on any topic for long.

Concentration problem

7. Feeling Of Low Self Worth

It is not uncommon to be low on confidence at times but for patients suffering from depression this feeling of low self worth persists over an extended period of time. Not only are they down on confidence, but their image of themselves is a warped reflection of their own insecurities. For example, it is common for patients to develop body issues and find fault with all parts of their bodies. This is also a reason why depressed people avoid any kind of socialising as it makes them feel judged by others.

A Drop In The Level Of Confidence

8. Slovenliness

A telltale sign of depression is a sudden slovenliness in people and a lack of care in their personal appearance. Regular grooming that includes shaving, combing one’s hair, a bit of make-up for women- which is a common routine in most people’s lives is often disrupted in a person who is suffering from depression. Patients of depression pay little attention to their personal appearance. This is an early sign of the ailment and can be easily spotted.


9. Loss Of Desire For Intimacy

A common symptom of depression in men and women alike is a loss of interest in sex. When things are normal between a couple with no fights or differences disrupting the relationship, a sudden loss of interest in intimacy in one partner can be read as a sign of depression. This symptom is usually caused by one or more of the other symptoms like low self worth and mood swings.

Loss Of Desire For Intimacy

10. Sense Of Foreboding

People suffering from depression often have a constant sense of foreboding of some impending doom. This fear can relate to the patient directly or to his/her loved ones. However, it creates a feeling of helplessness and prevents the person from leading a normal life.

Sense Of Foreboding

Being aware of the symptoms of depression can help you detect it in yourself as well as friends and family. Timely detection followed by the right help from a professional can help you overcome depression and lead a normal life.