10 Table Manners Your Kids Should Learn

Table Manners

Table Manners Family time is very important to most Indian parents and having meals together on the dining table is one way of nurturing and relishing the time spent together as a family.

Mealtime traditions and dining table etiquettes are very important to parents and they have become conscious about what they want their children to learn and imbibe. Here are some table manners, which you must start inculcating in your child once he/she starts to understand.

Various Table Manners Your Kids Should Learn

Washing up

Always ensure that your child is neat, clean and presentable before coming to the dining table. Ensure that your kids wash their hands before every meal. The child could also change into a comfortable pair of clothes and comb his/her hair in order to look neat and presentable.

Washing up

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Coming For Meals On Time

You should not have to tell your child more than once to come to the dining table for a meal. It is bad manners to keep other people waiting. Ensure that your child puts away his/her toys and stops doing whatever he/she is doing before the meal is served.

Sitting Straight

Do not allow your child to make a mockery out of eating. The child should sit straight and not fidget. Standing, jumping and playing the fool should not be permitted on the dining table.
Asking For The Food To Be Passed
Always tell your child to nicely ask for the food that he/she wishes to have. It is rude and bad manners to reach out for food on the dining table.

Waiting For Everyone

Many kids start eating from their plates the moment they sit. Unless the kids are eating first, teach your child to wait for the elders in the house before starting to eat.

Playing With Crockery And Cutlery

It can be very irksome to see children play with the forks and spoons on the dining table. There tends to be a lot of clanging and banging of plates. Be firm and put a stop to this the moment it happens.

Table Manners

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Talking With The Mouth Full

Never allow your child to talk, sing or blabber especially when their mouth is full. Also, explain to the child that he/she should eat slowly and chew on his/her food rather than gobble it down.

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Grabbing Food From Other Plates

Some children like to eat from other’s plates. Unless your child is very small and you are feeding him/her from your plate, encourage the child to eat food from his/her plate. This also prevents food wastage.


Curtail greediness on the dining table. Some kids are excessively greedy wanting everything on their plate. Give your child a little and gently explain to him/her that he/she can ask for more once he/she has eaten the food from the plate.

Talking Loudly

Do not allow children to shout or scream whilst on the dining table. They should be asked to behave and speak in gentle and soft voices. It is good to encourage and inculcate the above table manners in your child. This will make eating and family time infinitely pleasurable.

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