10 Stress Relieving Scents That You Will Actually Make You Relaxed

10 Stress Relieving Scents That You Will Actually Make You Relaxed
A scent or a fragrance is not a smell but a memory that you cherish in your lifetime. Whenever you get the whiff of the chocolate chip cookies it reminds you of your mother baking at the kitchen. Doesn’t the breeze blowing the fresh smell of flowers take you back to the bouquet that you got on your first date? Emotional attachment of scents with our brain All these nostalgic responses are not just any coincidence but there is a science behind the scent and aromas that we enjoy and cherish. They are actually directly associated with the emotional part of our brain that brings in floods of memories with one simple inhaling.

List Of The 10 Scents That Relaxes Our Mind:

There are certain scents and aromas that can relieve us from stress and anxiety and make us feel relaxed. What are those aromas that can refresh your mind and provide relaxation as well? let us get a brief on them?


Do you lavender have the potential to calm mind as well as your body instantly? Infact, this ingredient is helpful in treating people suffering from sleeping disorders or insomnia and depression.

Lavender (2)


According to the scientific studies it is claimed that cinnamon has the power to boost your cognitive functions and sharpen your memory as well. With the help of one sniff of this cozy smelling spice you can focus and concentrate on your work better.



According to the researches the scent of pine can help to reduce depression and anxiety and also provide the feeling of relaxation. Do you now get the answer of having so many pine trees in the holiday destinations around the world?



If you have been feeling little down and low all day long, the scent of lemon and orange can boost up your energy and make you feel alert as well. Make sure to indulge in the Vitamin C rich citrus fruits and seek the health benefits.



If you are fond of having vanilla, you must be aware of the fact that this is one ingredient that can help you elevate your mood and provide you with the feeling of joy and relaxation.



It might sound strange but the fact is that the scent of pumpkin like act as an aphrodisiac especially for the male folks. It acts as an enticing aroma for men and they respond positively according to the studies.



Jasmine is already known for this aesthetic aroma. But the scent of jasmine can also help you to get relaxed and refreshed. It has the power to ward away your depressing thoughts, uplift your mood and make you happy.


Olive Oil

We all are aware of the benefits of using olive oil in the different recipes. But have you ever considered it for a relaxed mind. Well olive oil is known to offer the satisfaction and the contentment after a meal.

Olive Oil


Apart from acting as a sweet mouth freshener, peppermint can also help to reduce stress and anxiety and improve the overall performance of the tasks that you undertake.


Fresh Cut Grass

Researchers have found that fresh cut lawn grass can provide relaxation and make you happy and joyful.


The above mentioned are the 10 most common aromas that can help you with relaxation and warding off depression and stress with simple sniffing.