10 Strange Health Tips

Strange Health Tips

Good health helps us in leading a happy and productive life. Diet and exercise are two important aspects of a healthy and disease free life. We should eat healthy and nutritious foods and do regular workouts. Doctors and dietitians advise people to stay away from foods that contain sugar, salt, fat and calories. We all know about the health tips that can help in preventing diseases. These are the common health tips that are most obvious and easy to understand. However, there are some strange health tips that seem contradictory to the common health advice people give. You can improve your health with these tips. We will tell you about some strange health tips.

Following are the 10 strange but true health tips that is worth a try

Avoid Soda Drinks

Soda drinks contain high amount of sugar, which causes health problems like obesity and diabetes. Remove soda drinks from your diet for staying healthy and disease free. Even the diet soda is not good for health so you should avoid it.

With Club Soda Or Water Or Diet Soda

Avoid Brushing Right After The Meals

Many of us believe that it is good to brush teeth after eating food. The fact is that brushing teeth can damage the teeth if you eat acidic foods. The acid present in food damages the teeth enamel. Thus, avoid brushing teeth immediately after the meals. You can do brushing after half an hour of taking meals.

Dry Brushing

Apply Black Pepper On Cuts

If you have bleeding due to a knife cut, apply black pepper powder on the wound for stopping the bleeding. The spice has antiseptic and coagulant properties, which helps in stopping bleeding and healing the wound fast. This is an easy remedy for bleeding.

Apply Black Pepper On Cuts

Use Good Chair In Office

People who work at computers or desk in the office for long hours can avoid back problem by using supportive chairs. Find a chair in which you can sit comfortable with a good posture. Keep the hands on the armrest of the chair. Adjust the chair height so that you can sit properly aligned with the table or computer.

Use Good Chair In Office

Avoid Oversleeping

A good sleep helps in removing tiredness and fatigue making us fresh and energized. However, oversleeping or sleeping for a long time is not good for health. It can cause metabolic syndrome. Thus, avoid oversleeping. You need only 8 hours of deep sleep daily.


Drink Water To Fight Bloating

Many of us fear drinking water thinking that it will lead to bloating. This is a wrong belief. The fact is that bloating decreases when you drink water. Thus, increase the intake of water for fighting the feeling of bloating.

Drinking Water By A Straw

Improve Brain Health With Music

It is possible to improve brain health with music therapy. Listen to music or play a musical instrument. It has a very effect on brain. Music helps in improving brain functions like reading ability and communication power.

Soothing Music

Use Green Apples For Claustrophobia

People who have claustrophobia fear public places that are crowded. Smelling green apple helps in fighting this problem. The smell soothes the brain, due to which you will feel nice and confident in elevator and crowded places.

Green Apple

Do Exercise When Tired

Most of us feel lack of energy when we are tired and exhausted after returning from the office. Instead of taking rest at this time, you should do exercise. Just half an hour of exercise is enough for preventing and treating fatigue and depression. Thus, do workout when you feel tired.

Aerobic Exercises

Use Honey For Wounds

Honey is a great remedy for wounds. If you are wounded, you should apply honey on the affected area and then put a bandage over it. The wound heals very fast due to the antibacterial properties of honey. It helps in killing the bacteria thus healing the wound.

Use Honey For Wounds