10 Skin Care Exceptional Tips To Look Great In Your 30’s

10 Skin Care Exceptional Tips To Look Great In Your 30's

When women enter the 30’s, the first thought would be of aging. Well then, 30 is now the new 20 or could definitely be an extension of your 20’s if we deal with it positively and start taking good care of our skin. If a regime has been followed throughout, there is no cause of worry, but if not, then too it is not late. Pollution, hormones, motherhood, and other factors might have started decreasing the elasticity and glow of our skin, but simple skin care steps can go a long way in restoring the shine and brightness of the skin.

10 easy and simple skin care tips

Sun Protection 

Every time we step out of the house, care should be taken to apply a sunscreen lotion. An umbrella, hat or scarf can also protect us from the harmful rays of the sun. These rays can cause damage to the skin, leading to dark and dry spots and wrinkles.

sun protection

Facial Steaming 

It helps unclog pores especially for an oily skin and helps to restore the luster of the face. Once the pores are unclogged, the impurities are removed and the face feels nice and bright. Steam vapors also work on dark spots, acne, and dull skin and helps in reducing them.

Steam Treatment

Oil Massage 

Choose a good quality oil like coconut oil/almond oil/olive oil and pour 2-3 drops of it on the fingertips and massage it on the face in circular movements. Massaging helps in promoting good blood circulation in the facial nerves which prevents fine lines and improves the texture of the skin. The vitamin E and C help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin by strengthening the collagen which are building blocks in the cells of the skin.

Hair Massage Oil

Drink Water 

Hydration is important to keep the skin soft and lustrous. Drink 8 glasses of water to eliminate the toxins from the body. When the toxins are removed, the skin will glow, showing signs of a healthy system.

Drinking Water By A Straw

Eat Fish 

Eat cold water fish like salmon. These are loaded with fatty acids that keep the skin healthy. Our skin will not be as naturally healthy as it was in our 20’s, and a little effort is required to keep it glowing. The intake of fish will help in replacing the body with the essential fats and minerals the body requires to keep the skin and body healthy.

Eat fish


Removal of dead skin from the top layers of the skin is a must as it helps in brightening the complexion and also reduces the instance of acne. Scrubs that contain glycolic acid should be applied to the skin as it penetrates deeper than the other products and cleanses effectively from deep within. A mask made using sugar, lemon juice, honey should be applied on the face, hands and feets and scrubbed well to remove impurities. Oats can be added to this scrub to increase its effectiveness.


Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle 

Eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals like fruits and vegetables will help in keeping the skin glowing and healthy. Reduce the intake of alcohol and give up smoking to help in reducing the appearance of fine lines on the face. Cut down on processed foods and reduce calorie intake to maintain good health and lovely skin.

Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle


Exercise is a great way to De-stress and remove toxins from the body. It improves blood circulation of the facial cells and nourishes the skin cells which then retain their luster and keeps problems like dry and dull skin at bay.

Hip & Thigh Strengthening Exercise

Face Masks

A beauty regime has to be followed along with incorporating life style changes. Face masks made from kitchen products are easy and simple and add extra shine and radiance to the face. A mask made of honey and yogurt can be made and applied on the face and left for 1/2 hour to dry. Wash off and moisturize.

Moisturizing Strawberry Face Mask for Dry Skin


You can eat them or, apply it on the face. Both would be superb for the skin. Almonds should be soaked for a few hours, then peeled and either eaten or ground and applied on the face. The paste applied on the face can be left for an hour before washing and must be followed by moisturization. This nut provides anti-aging benefits to the skin due to its vast content of omega fats and  vitamins like vitamin E that nourishes the skin thoroughly. The antioxidants present in almond oil protect the skin from various skin problems that lead to a dull and dry skin, hence almond oil should be massaged onto the skin regularly, especially the under eye area.