10 Simple Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Are you tired of getting sick every time the weather changes? With a large number of people around the world, every time cold or hot temperature sets in, sniffles and runny noses start spreading like an epidemic. Although our body has been designed to resist a countless number of health attacks from the environment, but our immune system may not always be functioning at its top capacity. But what if you discover simple ways of boosting the immune system?

What if there are not one, two or three, but ten simple and amazing ways of resisting health attacks and diseases? Following are top 10 ways of boosting your immune system. Even if you pick three or four suggestions out of this list and make sure you stick to them, your immunity will substantially improve and your ability to stay healthy and protected against diseases will also be enhanced.

Drink Your Lemons

Have lemon juice by mixing it in water, adding it to salad dressing, mixing it in tea or just sprinkling it over fruits. Having lemon juice is an ideal way of restoring acid-alkali balance and maintaining the internal climate of the body. If your body pH is normal, healthy bacteria will flourish inside your body. Harmful bacteria and viruses flourish in more acidic environments. You may also have apple cider vinegar instead of lemons but taste of lemons is definitely much more pleasing.

Get Immune Enhancers From Herbal Stimulants

Your body can get an immune boost from a number of herbal supplements and recipes that are available these days. There are a number of essential oils such as Thieves that contain immune-stimulating compounds. Similarly there are a number of medicinal plants that are quite effective. Whole food remedies and fresh herbs are even more potent against common diseases and they’re also absorbed easily and effectively by our body.

Get A Sound Sleep

Most people require somewhere between 7 to 10 hours of sound sleep every night. However, some people might require less or more sleep depending on their daily activity level. Depending on your personal requirements, make sure you get right amount of sleep. This is because your sleep is directly linked to production of a number of hormones including cortisol, stress hormone and growth hormone. A balanced hormone system will boost your immune system and help you stay away from common health problems. Sleep also helps in improving your mood, skin, weight issues and the capacity of reasoning and thinking clearly.

Get Proper Nutrition

Ways To Boost Your Immune System

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Nutrition is undoubtedly the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy immune system. Have a diet that is rich in antioxidants and contains abundant minerals like selenium and zinc. Your diet must also contain essential vitamins such as A, C, E and B complex. In order to get proper nutrition, eat green and fresh vegetables, whole grains, fruits and food that is low in sugars and fats. Also have Dark colored produce such as berries, broccoli and kale as these foods tend to be higher in polyphenols, flavonoids and other antioxidants. Also avoid having red meat.

Drink Lots Of Water

It can be quite surprising for you to know that most of the times when you have headaches and thirst, it is a sign that you’re getting dehydrated. Drinking water is also important to flush out toxins and recover fast from illness.

Stop Having Coffee And Chocolates

Contrary to what is advertised about coffee and chocolates, that they are a good source of antioxidants, both these things are very bad for our immune system as well as general health. Caffeine robs vitamins from the body and also dehydrates you.

Try Eliminating Sugar From Your Diet

Refined white sugar has the worst impact on your immune system. If you’re able to eliminate sugar from your diet, you will be able to boost your immune system considerably. By warding off sugar, you will find noticeable changes in your energy levels, immunity and weight distribution. Although there are a number of nutritionists who consider sugar to be a drug, but the amount of refined sugar we consume in our daily life does no good to our body. If you want you can switch to healthier options such as agave and stevia. Also, avoid artificial sweeteners as they harm the body much more than cane sugar.

Drink Green Tea And Red Wine

Replace coffees and sodas with Green Tea. Green tea will enhance your immune system considerably and will also give you a protection against diseases. Green tea is not only a herbal medicine; it also has antioxidants of flavanoids and polyphenols. Green tea is good enough to kill cancer cells growing in the body. You can have as many as 3 to 5 cups of green tea in a day.

Drinking red wine frequently can also benefit your immune health as well. Red wine contains Resveratrol that has anti-aging effects and also helps in reducing inflammation. Having 1 to 2 glasses of red wine every day can also improve heart health.

Keep Your Hands Clean

The simplest yet the most effective way of boosting immune system or health is by washing your hands frequently. By washing your hands frequently, you will actually reduce the spread of bacteria. Washing hands frequently is even more important if you frequently spend time with pets, children and meet new people. Make sure you wash hands each time you have or handle food.

Nurture Yourself

Taking care of yourself is very important to boost your immune system. Make sure you spend time with friends, care for your body, and indulge in hot bath, massage or energy work session. It is a known fact that our bodies responds to our emotions. When you’re feeling anxious or harassed, your negativity may manifest in the form of a cold or sore throat. It is very important for you to create some space within yourself and create an environment where you live in harmony with your surroundings.

It is extremely important for you to pay attention to warning signs of exhaustion, sore throat, cold and other such problems. If you’re working, take some time off from work and indulge in something recreational. Remember, a happy you will be a healthy you.

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