10 Shocking Side Effects Corn 

Shocking Side Effects Corn

Corns have been a great addition to our diets due to its innumerous health boosting properties and being rich in the elements of fiber and nutrients alike! However, this food grain has its own share of side effects as well, some of which are not so grave but others surely are.

Some of the surprising side effects of corn are discussed below

Can Increase The Risk Of Pellagra

As we already know that corns make up as a main food or staple for many people across the world, chances are there that these people may have Pellagra due to the consumption of huge amount of corn daily! Pellagra is nothing but a vitamin deficiency wherein the levels of niacin in the body is low. This disease can be formed due to the fact that corns are low in the amino acids like tryptophan and lysine content and also on the niacin content which are the required elements which help the human body to keep pellagra at bay. In case that a person’s staple diet is formed of corns, then he or she must consume other food alternatives rich in vitamins to stay away from the ill effects.

Can Increase The Risk Of Pellagra

Bloating And Flatulence Issues

Consumption of corns in diet in large amounts may also result into high levels of bloating and flatulence in the body. This is due to the fact that corn in high on the starch element and when a person consumes corns, the starch beaks down in the large intestine resulting into gas formation!


Intestinal Woes

Corns most surprisingly also have its ill effects on humans in terms of stomach woes! It has been seen that if a person consumes raw corn, he or she might be affected with stomach ailments like diarrhea. Consumption of corns also may lead to other intestinal issues which needs medical attention if it carries on for a long period of time.

Intestinal Woes

May Lead To Osteoporosis

Another grave side effect of corns can be seen in humans in terms of developing the bone issue called osteoporosis. This is due to the fact that corn is low on the calcium levels which in turn if is a staple diet may lead to this issue. Consumption of other food along with corns which is rich on calcium levels is helpful here.


Causes Lethargy Issues

Due to the fact that corns are high on the starch content, it has been associated with lethargy and drowsiness in humans. However, not having too much of corn and limiting its intake and having other food alongside do help.

Causes Lethargy Issues

Allergy And Rash Horrors

Consumption of corn has been seen to cause allergic reactions, vomiting, occurrence of rashes on the skin and swelling in the mucous membrane in some people as well. Apart from this, on consumption of corns’ issues like asthma attacks and anaphylaxis has also been cited. This is mainly due to the fact that corns contain a highly indigestible protein present in it which causes all the above.


Food To Avoid For Diabetics

Corn is a complete no no for people who are suffering from the issue of diabetes due to the fact that corns are capable of increasing the blood sugar levels in the body. Corns being very high on the carbohydrate content results into an increased blood sugar levels and thus it is best avoided by one’s who are affected by the diabetes patients.


Results Into Stomach Upset And Indigestion

As they say that too much of anything is not good, the case is quite similar here. Even though consumption of corn in great for the stomach health due to the fact that it is loaded with fiber and other necessary nutrients, an over consumption is however affects badly. Over consumption of corns may lead to indigestion issues and may lead to stomach upsets and cramps as well.

Results Into Stomach Upset And Indigestion

Unhealthy For The Teeth Health

Consumption of corns have also been cited as a bad element in terms of the teeth health as it is seen to cause tooth decay in some people as corns are high on the sugar content. Even though this side effect of corn is least found, but precautions are necessary indeed.

Grinding Teeth

Leads To Weight Gain

In case a person is on a diet and is trying to lose weight, consumption of corn is not at all a great idea! This is due to the fact that corns are very high on the carbohydrate and sugar levels which are directly proportional to the waist line! Over-consumption of corn or incorporating corn in the daily diet is a strict no if one wants to reduce weight and stay fit!

Leads To Weight Gain