10 Serious Side Effects Of Black Walnut

Serious Side Effects Of Black Walnut

In the ancient times many scholars were aware of the benefits and uses of black walnut. The knowledge has been passed down to future generations and now black walnut is widely used by civilians for its medicinal benefits.
The Black walnut is found in trees and mainly its outer casting is used for making medicines that cures syphilis, diphtheria and leukemia. It contains a certain type of chemical called tannin. This chemical is known for its pain relieving characteristics. The presence of high concentrated tannin chemical enables black walnut to reduce swelling and soreness. Its properties can also absorb unwanted body fluids like mucous. Black walnut also has anti bacterial and anti fungal characteristics. But before trying it one should be aware of the serious side effects of black walnut which are discussed as follows.

Here Are Serious Side Effects Of Black Walnut


Many of us are sensitive to nuts and it is advised that if you are allergic then it is better to avoid it. People who are allergic to nuts when try black walnuts, they could suffer from hive, troubled breathing, sore throat, rashes, uneasy feeling in chest, etc.


Skin Cancer

Black walnut relieves pain and soreness. It is therefore used to treat skin disorders, cuts, and bruises. But, it also contains a toxic that can allegedly cause skin cancer. Its application can cause tumors on skin.

skin cancer

Variations in DNA

Black walnut can adversely affect the cellular structure and dent DNA. Such harm can be irreparable. If it damages the fibers and tissues of the cell then it could also result in permanent restructure.

variation in dna


Black walnuts have very strong concentration of certain chemicals which can cause white blood cells (also known as WBC) to clot and cause inflammation. This is a very serious side effect which could also trigger skin cancer.


Deficiency Of Iron

Black walnuts have some chemical compounds which can readily absorb iron from blood cells. These compounds are called ‘phytates’. This side effect can reduce iron content in body leading to anemia.


Kidney And Liver

Black walnut can be used as supplement for its pain relieving properties. But if it is taken without proper consultation with doctors and specialists there can be serious side effects. For example, in excess of dosage it can cause serious damage to kidney and liver.

effect on liver

Body Fluids

Black walnuts have body fluid absorption properties which can cause side effects like dehydration in severe situation. Furthermore, it cannot be used during cough and cold as if it interferes with medication then it can cause fever.



Black walnuts can treat many problems like leukemia or syphilis but its outer shell or hull can cause irritations. Skin rashes are not serious side effects but excessive itchiness and irritation can lead to inflammation and eczema.


Birth Defects

Black walnuts are used as medicine for relieving pain and soreness. But it should not be given to expecting mothers because if overdosage cause damages in the DNA or cellular structure of the mother then there would high probability of birth defect in the unborn child.

birth defect


It can react with other medicines and alleviate allergies. The US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has not yet recommended it for 100% safe use. It is therefore advised that it should not be taken with other medicine.

A proper medical examination is recommended if you suffer from any kind of above mentioned side effect.